04/20 was declared Doge Day, aiming to take the value of the digital currency to new heights.


Everyone has heard of dogecoin, but what makes it special and the negative about this cryptocurrency, which started as a meme and was activated that day by 20%, became the fifth most valuable crypto position.


Why is it so special?


This coin that started as a meme and became a short-term investment cryptocurrency is so special because of the trend generated by several influencers, but above all one that has been charged through thick and thin, taking them to unthinkable highs for a simple coin meme. . yes yes that's the great #Elon Musk and the only one who can take him to the moon?



Well ... maybe, but we all know that he is more of a Bitcoin supporter and the Doge is a hobby, as he once clarified.

dogecoin would not be a feasible currency to invest in for the long term since it does not have a project behind it and it has no currency limit, which makes it very volatile and risky.


many take advantage of their influence to fatten their portfolio through small investors.

In short, it was a day where the whales were covered and many went down.




having no Doge limits, two alternative projects arose



They are a 100% decentralized community experiment and claim that half of the tokens were sent to Vitalik Buterin and the other half were locked in a Uniswap pool and the keys were burned.

Although these tokens kept rising on Doge Day, it was not until later that they had a correction, as did dogecoin

Only time will tell, it will be that one day doge is a serious project?

these new tokens could be more successful than Doge?

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hi!! new in the crypto world

Alternatives to the doge, Doge killer!
Alternatives to the doge, Doge killer!

SHIBA INU (SHIB) Shiba, the self-proclaimed DOGE killer, is another community-based, meme-based dog-themed token. According to the official description, "SHIB is an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building." SHIB has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000(or 1 trillion) of tokens. You can acquire SHIB tokens from Uniswap, Hotbit,, Poloniex, 1inch etc. 50% of the tokens are in a locked liquidity state and remaining 50% was burned to Vitalik Buterin, ensuring no possible team dump

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