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YouTube - A Novice Dives In To See If/How To Use YouTube - Part 1

By davidgyoung | Alternative Investing | 22 Nov 2023

There are plenty of folks out there, like us, that understand the potential of social media and video but are perhaps reluctant to get involved or unsure how to navigate all the spammy junk, politics, and other distractions out there not to mention the toxic bickering and digital assaults.  Take a deep breath.  There might be ways to jump on the train.

A few years ago we kicked ourselves for not recording all the stuff we do in and around Boston.  We're always walking around getting free Bitcoin and attending events and concerts and using the parks and open spaces.  At a minimum, we could use YouTube to create a family scrapbook or digital record of what we do and the reality of living and raising a child in Boston.  In the late summer of 2023 we decided to give it a shot.

Walking through the Boston Common, and many other areas of course, really made a switch finally flip.  In July and August, even September at times, there are waves where it gets a bit too hot and sticky.  Nothing like Houston, but it gets a bit uncomfortable.  During these times, and many others throughout the year, you'll see the shaded areas under the trees entirely filled up with people.  It's human nature.  If the shade is there it is simply the most logical and rational path of least resistance.  Humans will take this path

This is how we now view YouTube.  It's inevitable.  Yes, AI is making videos now and will continue to do so.  However, there are enough humans with some level of skill in critical thinking to use discernment and weed this out.  YouTube is the present and the future.  Video offers the best chance to deliver an authentic and believable message - period.  Images can be photo-shopped and air-brushed until the cows come home.  Video - not so much.  People are more likely to look and react to videos.  This has massive implications for business and personal life.

Ok, so what do you need for YouTube:

- phone

- laptop/PC (better and faster along with internet speeds can help, downloads, etc. but NOT a must to start)

- camera (we went for a GoPro and grabbed it by shopping at Walmart with the sMiles Bitcoin rewards app)

- time and effort

This wraps up our first post on this, but first a quick plug for ANALYTICS.  YouTube has excellent analytics and tools that are available to anyone that starts a channel.  We can say that now just a couple months into this. 

youtube channel dashboard


youtube channel analytics

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