use gas flares to mine bitcoin

Bitcoin, Energy, and Time - It's Time

By davidgyoung | Alternative Investing | 20 Jun 2022

If time is money, and energy is money . . . . . . . then how is it possible that Bitcoin is not money?  It's not possible.

Show us another technology that can extract value from the time and energy exhausted to create excess energy. 

Exxon Mines Bitcoin With Excess Energy

Exxon set up a pilot program in North Dakota it wishes to expand that is mining Bitcoin using excess gas and energy.

Oman Investment Authority Pioneers Using Excess Gas For Bitcoin Mining

They invested in an infrastructure provider and are deploying assets to convert excess gas into Bitcoin via mining

Third Largest Russian Oil Company Mines Bitcoin With Excess Energy

Gazpromneft partners with a Swiss mining company to mine Bitcoin with excess resources.

Utah Company Converts Wasted Gas Into Bitcoin

Wesco has stopped flaring excess gas and is now using it to mine Bitcoin

Bakken Oil Field Oriented Montana Company Turns Waste Into Digital Gold

A energy producer in the Bakken oil field from Montana has been converting what was normally waste into Bitcoin.



Bear markets are rough, especially if one is levered up to their eyeballs and chasing shitcoins.  Consider staying focused on the fundamentals:


Store of Value

Medium of Exchange

Unit of Account


Hard to Counterfeit



Easy to Store

You see gold or anything else touching Bitcoin when looking at ALL NINE factors above?  Our world consists of energy and time which also serve as a never ending source of conflict and strife.  The existing systems are failing right before our eyes.  Buckle up.


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