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By TheDivineAges | AlteredPaths | 15 May 2022


The course of my life plays out like theater.

An Honest Accounting of my Experiences must include Grand Moments of Passion, Failures & Successes, Joy & Sorrow, Love & Hate, Learning Harsh Lessons, Paranormal Activity, Murder, Betrayal, Awakenings, and Divine Intervention. From My Unique Plot of Life, I’ve Gained Rare Vision & Knowledge, As Well As A Connection With God.
This Origin To My Spiritualism, Sexuality, Empathy, & The Esoteric to General Knowledge, Has Been Gifted To Me Through A Divinely Hidden Source. 
My artwork and photography features Brittany Shae

“You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid.  No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

MATTHEW 5:14 - 16




My spiritual development is tapered with reality, as it is with most people. My journey for Truth, Wisdom, & Pleasure make up my only compass in this drama. These Three Pillars have given my Soul Foundation & Ability Beyond the Majority. Admittedly, this has done little for my Temperament & Ego. Though Experience has given me Sight to see this Fault, and Willingness to keep it beneath me. Yet, it’s a Fault I Struggle With. Personal Growth requires Knowledge & Acceptance of the Soul, the Body, the Heart, & the Mind (What I Call “Altered Bodily Systematics” aka “ABSy”). Each functioning as Muscles do, and like Muscles they need Exercise & Care. Unlike the Physical, the Altered Realm is Symmetrical in both Design & Function. Meaning All Systems have Causality with Each Other. Self-Development is ultimately Impossible if any Single Part is Neglected. One must be Tuned into the Ethereal Body & Physical Body Simultaneously. This isn’t an Easy Task & takes Great Patience. My Experiences from Birth to Today have been a Cocktail of Bittersweet Natural Phenomenon. Hard & Painful Events that Shaped My Understanding of the World, and how to Live Inside a Body with Unique Traits. This is how My Senses and Knowledge Naturally included Esoterica and Occultism.

 - Extra Sensory Perceptions -

◦ Learning the Feel of Energies & Frequencies are Essential for use of Occult Knowledge/Practice, as well as Advanced Forms of Cyber Bionics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Telekinesis, etc. and will be the Partial Key to Evolutionary Transcendence. The actual task of feeling Energy & Frequency could be daunting or impossible for people indoctrinated to the World Before The Fall. As my personal experience was naturally growing up with such a sense. Like many of my Extra Sensory Perceptions, I assumed everyone else had them also. Something one finds so normal, that subconsciously a person develops it, is the fastest way to mastering anything. Yet the serious problem to learning the to feel and manipulate energy fields, is that a person whom believes the Lies they’ve been taught, has sealed the Truth from their mind. By this belief, they will never accept what energy is and how to use it. I owe my Advanced States of Spirituality & Intelligence to my Experiences & Experimentation with Drugs, Sex, Music, and Science. Drugs were Essential in my ability to Evolve (This Seems to be True For Most People). I can credit Drugs as single handedly being responsible for the Opening of My Mind. Though my Experiences are the Key to my Wisdom in that Frontier. Had I simply gained Openness & Acceptance, without Wisdom, I’d have great difficulty in Understanding it & the Power it has in Connection with myself & other Human Beings. Drugs are the means of exploration of the world beyond our normal senses. The dangers of the Path to Enlightenment are often overlooked. If one is Unable, Unwilling, or Mentally/Emotionally too weak, it will lead to their downfall. To prevent the future generation suffering from ignorance, drugs will not be demonized. By lies and scare tactics, many died or failed to grow. Drugs will be taught like sex education. It’s guidance to safe usage, self regulation, and the Spiritual and mental expansion of the self. -In fact my New Order would even include educational psychedelic drugs. Both for better learning of other subjects and learning how to productively trip. Yet Altered Trances are inward journeys for Self Truths, when outwardly seeking Truth is equally vital. I studied Anthropology as a majore and General Sciences as a minor. In terms of anthropology, I spent my focus on truth, this meant I would be almost entirely part of a fringe study. And my passion for truth meant I would never professionally make it in the field. This seems to be true for all my scientific knowledge. That my learning was in large part of my own making, I say proudly and with anger. For I would be a believer of absolute lies of many major events and subjects, had I not taught myself. I found quickly that classroom teaching was far too slow and dishonest for me. Occasionally I’d experience an engaging lecture or round table discussion, but if I can’t voice myself I’d likely leave. I discovered the failed system when as a freshman I knew of things my teachers had never heard of. This was from the religious dogma of their scientific disciplines. As they condemned the truths, and the seekers of truth. I watched in shock as they’d insult authors, books, theories, and journals, that they’d never read or researched. I asked how could she speak with such confidence and self grandiosity, when you’re doing the exact opposite of the Scientific Method. Yet, I quickly discovered, it didn’t matter how logical my questions were, or how well structured my arguments may have been. I would promptly be told the shut up. I eventually decided not to return to class when my papers were returned with poor grades, as my answers were correct. I discovered I was graded on things like grammar, spacing, formatting, spelling, whether I wrote the date or where I wrote it, and the list continued. I was angered because she would tell the class prior, no one would be graded on such things as Grammar and Formatting. This was indeed true, for everyone, other than myself.

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“Doctor Strangelove” is by far my favorite film. I love classic films, TCM, Noir, etc. I’m an Adult Filmmaker& Certified Sex Healer. Study/Practice Gnostic Occultism/Witchcraft, Build Crypto Miners, and am in the 2% Geniuses Club. I’m a Renaissance Man


I don’t know how long I will live, but I know I’ve lived more than most. I hope it has, and will continue, to enlighten my soul and mind. If not, I’ll still be the Pornstar Messiah. And that’s not bad.

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