Vote for Contentos official BPs and get rewards

Vote for Contentos official BPs and get rewards

By Lucioxp23 | Altcoins Tips | 14 May 2021



  • Cast your vote (at least 10 VEST) to one of the BPs running by Contentos Foundation: cosofficialbp1, cosofficialbp2, cosofficialbp3, cosofficialbp4, cosofficialbp5, cosofficialbp6, and cosofficialbp7
  • BPs only get reward when they are ranked top-21 to successfully produce blocks. You vote is essential to determine if there is voters reward.
  • Snapshots are taken at the beginning and end of each calculation period to determine the reward share of each account. Casting votes to another BP during the calculation period will cause disqualification.

How rewards are calculated and distributed

  • Rewards are calculated and distributed to voters when jumpstart rewards are received. Currently, jumpstart rewards are distributed to BPs every 604,800 blocks, approximately 7 days.
  • Each account will get the voters reward with respect to the percentage of its valid votes in all valid votes to the BP. Valid votes are the number of VEST that voted to a single BP throughout the calculation period.
  • Voters rewards are distributed to each account in the format of VEST.

General Rules

  • Contentos Foundation reserves the right of the final decision.

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