The New Youtube

The New Youtube

By Lucioxp23 | Altcoins Tips | 16 Apr 2021

This platform doesn't just pay you for posting videos like youtube do. On you can earn money by watching, commenting, and liking the videos on the platform.

Contentos is the network that hosts, for each action remonerated in the platform, instead of receiving cash, you will receive it in (cos) token from, with this token you do not need to pay fees. At Cos.TV there is no algorithm or any secret regarding the propagation of videos on the platform, beacuse the only think that matters is the amout os (COS) that you have in the platform, for having the tokens in your acount you will recive an 30 % anlualy for having your COS staking in your acount.

The prive of COS at the time i am ritting this is 0.041 dolar, but i belive that it could get to 0.20 this year.

Hope you have an good day.

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