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Are Faucets worth it?

By Phil Skinner | Altcoins for HODL | 27 Jan 2020

Disclaimer - I am an active user all of the faucets in the article below, and there are affiliate links to join my network for each. If you were to join via these links, there is no downside for you and I will get a small additional percentage from the faucet.

Faucets are a well known way to collect micro amounts of cryptocurrency either for completing tasks, offers, watching ads, or just simply for signing up and claiming at regular intervals.

But is it really worth your time to sign up and collect the small rewards? 

Short answer - Whilst we are still in this Crypto Winter - YES!

Accumulating as much crypto as you can now will pay off in the future when the market is more mature. I will discuss some of more well known and long standing faucets some of which have been going since 2014.


QoinPro has been going since 2014. You receive a set micro amount of multiple cryptocurrencies per day. You receive a 0.1% bonus for each day up until 100% and you can receive other bonuses such as 30% for joining their Telegram group and 15% for posting a review on sites like Trustpilot. You can earn a total 1250% bonus on all coins. There are also Airdrops available through the site. Currently 5 PLAN is available. There is no need to log on every day. Here are the daily amounts with no bonuses included:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) - 0.0000000289
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - 0.0000000292
  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG) - 0.0000000283
  • Cardano (ADA) - 0.0000000289
  • DogeCoin (DOGE) - 0.0023253952
  • Dash (DASH) - 0.0000004362
  • Feathercoin (FTC) - 0.0000285851
  • Litecoin (LTC) - 0.0002529634
  • Peercoin (PPC) - 0.0000082729

There are withdrawal fees which will take a good chunk of the faucet earning away but if you see this as a 2-3 year plan, you only have to sign up and wait. No brainer! Sign up from the link below:



Coinpot is a micro-cryptocurrency wallet that gathers faucet claims from a number of different websites. The main faucets are the Moon faucets, and the Bonus Bitcoin faucet. Click the links below:

These connect to your Coinpot wallet. The Moon faucets you have to wait at least 5 minutes to claim. I let them accumulate a bit and I claim around 4 times a day - Breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed. If you claim at least once every day, you get a loyalty bonus from 1% up to 100% - The longer you have been consistent with claiming, the more you get! There is also a mystery bonus that adds on a random percentage extra, and a referral bonus for anyone new your introduce to the faucet.

I've included the Bonus Bitcoin faucet you can claim 16 satoshi every 15 minutes - This is very high compared with the Moon Bitcoin faucet which is about 10 satoshi every hour. I claim each time I look at my phone and claim around 10 times a day. This does not have a loyalty or mystery bonus, but does offer a referral bonus for introducing new people to the faucet.

Coinpot has withdrawal fees also but they are a lot lower than QoinPro, which considering you are actually taking around 10-15 minutes a day manually claiming is good news.

This article on Medium gives you a guide to how much you could earn. If you really dedicate yourself, they suggest as much as $2 million!! - Cryptocurrency Hub Article

Cryptocurrency Hub screenshot

Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens have also been going since 2014 and have given away a staggering 1090 BTC! They have a high user base of nearly 3 million people across multiple apps they own.

They offer apps for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. In my experience, as most people are wanted to earn Bitcoin, there are more ads for less reward! Sometimes it worked out to as little as 1 satoshi for about 5 minutes of being on the app.

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin get better rewards for less effort and I would recommend these. Unfortunately, they are only downloadable on android devices currently. 

I use the Free Bitcoin Cash app and earn around 35,000 satoshi per week (0.00035 BCH - £0.10 at time of writing) for a total of around 5 minutes a day, but there are opportunities to earn up to 0.01 BCH for completing tasks on their offer wall such as download games and play up until you reach a certain level.

If you earn over 10,000 satoshi, this withdraws to your wallet every week on Tuesday with no fees.

BCH app

Start earning with my link below:

Bitcoin Aliens Free Bitcoin Cash


Faucets are very simple ways of earning crypto whilst the market is still maturing and gathering speed. If the markets increase at a similar pace or greater, you could end up earning tens of thousands of pounds in free crypto currency for very little effort!

What do you think? Do you use faucets? Are there any better ones than these? 

Share your links in the comments!

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