How to Claim Blockstack (STX) Airdrop in

How to Claim Blockstack (STX) Airdrop in

By Nithish Floopz | Altcoins 101 | 23 Jan 2021 STX Airdrop 

If you are a user of wallet anytime before January 2020, there is a high chance that you might have enrolled in the Blockstack(STX) Airdrop in the wallet.

But the caveat was that we need to wait till January 2021 to claim our Free STX Airdrop tokens.

The Airdrop is now available to claim and I will explain the procedure to claim below.



  • Login to your Blockchain Wallet using your wallet id which can be found in every mail that you have received from


  • Go to the Airdrops Page and confirm that you are enrolled in the airdrop 



  • After confirming that you are enrolled in the airdrop, go to your profile and note down your Backup Phrase (this is a very important step)
  • Now visit Stacks Wallet and download the Desktop Wallet for Stacks based on your OS 
  • Install the desktop wallet and open it .
  • Then Click on Already have an wallet and use the Backup Phrase that you noted down from
  • You should be seeing 100STX worth $47 in your wallet
  • You can send it to any wallet from this. 



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