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By CryptoSpyder | AltCoinCave | 7 Sep 2020

With the current stay-in-place orders and fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, cryptocurrency is at the forefront of public consciousness. People who would have never ventured into the volatile market of crypto are now diving headfirst according to reports. Apptoppia recently published a report that detailed this headfirst dive, with over 3.5 million crypto wallets downloaded in July 2020 alone.

This increase represents a positive sign for crypto, but it's certainly risky. For every one rag to riches story, there are countless stories of those who have lost big. For the average investor, seeing wild swings in price may be promising but it can also be quite frightening. There are ways to reduce risk or strategize but it's most definitely a calculated gamble at best. 

This is a great sign for crypto, but what if you could earn money passively through cryptocurrency without the risk that many of us are so accustomed to?

Introducing BexPlus, the first interest-bearing wallet that gives new crypto investors a foothold to build upon their crypto portfolio. When you are not trading, you can store your BTC in your wallet and earn passive income with little to no risk. Your liquidity is then provided to the network, where the exchange will lend to other traders and collect interest. Depending on the platform and application, your estimated annual return can range from 1 to 30% on your investment.

That's right.. 30% - easily the largest return rate in the crypto industry. 

What is Bexplus BTC Wallet?

One of the leading trading platforms available, Bexplus provides perpetual loans and contracts against Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, XRP and more. This innovative wallet provides up to 30% annual returns and profits are calculated daily / paid monthly. 

How does the Bexplus calculation work? The base calculation for your return rate is (S*I/365*30)=MI.

S represents the sum of the deposit, I stands for interest, and MI is the monthly interest.

While this return rate is dependant on several factors, it's an incredible investing opportunity. With no penalties for early withdrawal and high security, the Bexplus wallet is built for the future and beyond.

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