Why Chiliz so Bullish?

By andreaskanel | Altcoin Adventures | 9 Nov 2019


Introduction to CHZ

Chiliz is a digital asset for sports supporting the Socios site which is  a well-known fan meeting-point platform. It is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum platform, Chiliz holders can vote in Socios and also they can crowd-manage their favourite teams or esports teams.

Chiliz did not have public sale because they raised an amount above of $ 65 milion through a private investment in June 2018.




A closer look to (CHZ) 


1) Every team that joins Socios.com generates a supply of CHZ Tokens, which can be used for voting on club issues.

2) Except of voting participation, Tokens can be your 'membership card' to access in a variety of rewards, merchandise, etc.

3) You can trade your coin  on Socios platform for $CHZ later.




They already achieved big partnerships with great and international reputation teams like Juventus and Roma from Italy, West Ham from England and Paris Saint-Germain for France and they add new team every like Atletico Madrid. They aim to add more sport team and easports team in combination with big and popular events.




Another important thing that makes Chiliz unique is that is the first Team Influence Token and they achieved to digitalized this solution in blockchain. So, is a project without competitors at the moment.


Where to buy


At the moment you can buy and trade Chiliz in a lot of exchanges and popular like KuCoin, BitMax, Idex and Bilaxy. However the highlight was when Binance listed the project in the exchange and the best is tha Binance is one of the sponsors of Chiliz.

Really impressive results for a token that released in 2 of July 2019 and has life less than 6 months.

You can also buy this token direct from their site chiliz.com with credit or debit card.


Chiliz Financials


CHZ  has a total supply of $ 8,8 billions, but there are only 3,76 of those tokens in circulation.

The token is down by 50%, which makes a good choice for short/mid-term, especially with a strong marketing support from the Binance.

Chiliz before 2 weeks went from $ 0.0045 to$ 0.01733 that was almost a 400 % pump in it’s price but this was only the start for a great project.

Technically speaking, the chart is very tradable right now — distinct trend reversal with higher-lows and convergence on a MACD. and the USD is an appealing risk-reward level to trade, with literally no substantial resistance to gain x2 (It is not a financial advice)






In my point of view CHZ is a good project with strong fundamentals: great team, marketing, and reasonable use cases can play a significant role for project success. It has only a unique use case and no competitors which is very important for the adoption.

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