PayPal Investor Day Reveals Its Crypto Stance

By Crypto Alphabet | Alphabet News | 12 Feb 2021

PayPal held its investor day conference today, Feb. 11, 2021, during which key figures outlined the firm's stance on crypto.

  • PayPal will extend crypto services to retail investors in the UK, based on a statement from executive Darrel Esch via Twitter
  • Venmo will introduce crypto services, via the same source
  • PayPal may become involved in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), based on a statement by CEO Dan Schulman via Nasdaq
  • The firm is looking into smart contracts and tokenization for other digital assets, via the same source
  • PayPal will not invest its own funds in cryptocurrency, based on a statement from CFO John Rainey via CNBC

PayPal initially introduced Bitcoin buying and selling for U.S. users in October 2020. Today's news reaffirms and expands on its earlier plans.

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