The Real Reason to be Hyped for Symbiosis

By alpaca-warlock | alpaca_on_crypto | 18 Mar 2022

I haven't been in the crypto space for a very long time, relatively speaking. I'm not one of the cypherpunks, I didn't buy BTC or ETH when they were below $100, I wasn't talking about decentralization and ledgers around the dinner table when almost noone had heard these terms. Like many others I entered the space in 2016, mainly driven by hype and greed. I'll be honest, as someone "just trying to make it", cryptocurrencies value to me is still primarily as a speculative asset.


However its also apparent to me that in the future we are headed towards, decentralized, censorship resistant platforms and technologies are going to be absolutely key if we don't want to be completely owned and dominated by major corporate and state actors. For me, this is the core use case for cryptocurrencies.

Sadly this aspect of crypto is one that many crypto proponents gloss over or shy away from out of fear of being labelled as or associated with criminals, tax evaders, terrorists, wrongthinkers, etc. Of course, its understandable, because looking at crypto as a speculative asset, we want to see more money come into the space, specifically institutional money. This comes with an increasing pressure for regulation. What we have to remember is that regulation will always be at odds with censorship resistance and decentralization.

On that note, this is why I'm excited about Symbiosis entering the DeFi space. Regardless if you're a crypto anarchist like me, or someone who purely cares about the speculative value of your project, its unequivocally good news. More cross-chain liquidity options, more interoperability, simply more DeFi options. And being decentralized in nature, if it brings a few more people over to the dark side of living on the DEX, all the better.

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