Pynk is soon to be paying off, plus a little Earnathon update

By Justjonny25 | The Money Earner | 1 Apr 2021

Pynk investor wallet is coming soon so if you had any wisdom points then you soon could be in for a nice tidy payout.

I have been using Pynk's beta site for a while now, doing daily predictions of bitcoin, gold, nasdaq, ftse and USD to gbp. takes a couple of minutes each day, and is a nice fun little game to see how good your predictions are. The better the predictions the more wisdom points you got and at the end of each quarter, you would get a promise of financial reimbursement.

Well today I was greeted with the following beautiful message

So very soon (within next couple of days could be greeted with $144, that would be superb, I am not too sure what to do yet whether to keep in the platform and invest in it or withdraw, tempting to withdraw as need to buy a house in next couple of years. But we shall see the vague promise of more money in future normally sways me instead.

Going forward you can still make predictions, I think when the investment side of things go live, and then from making the predictions you can make free trades.

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So keep your eyes open for what's next, and this is another example of being rewarded for getting in on the act quickly.

My other one at the moment that I am really confident with is Earnathon. Speaking of which there has been another update today.

Talks about their plans going forward namely:
We have been working behind the scenes to do a lot of things and the time of unveiling has come. In the month of April, you should expect:

At least a new course — We have been in talks with several partners and our platform is relatively stable to accommodate more users
Token Withdrawals — Our code audit will be completed this within the next week.
KYC — KYC will be implemented to separate cheaters from real users.

All of these are very exciting the KYC was bound to come at some point, as I am sure due to the easy nature of earning tokens and the supposed high amount, people were wanting to get in on the action.

Token withdrawals I am confused about? is this their actual value, because it seems nuts that I will be able to get what they say I will for it.

New course very exciting

If anyone hasn't signed up: so far what they have got is one course four lessons on the basics of crypto currency and for answering four questions correctly you get $20 worth of ENA tokens.

Be warned you get one shot at the answers, so it would probably help if some kind soul would give you the answers to save some time



Questions 1: Absence of foreign exchange crisis
Question 2: It's a digital assets that can be transferred across borders without banking facilities
Question 3:Cryptography and currency
Question 4:2008

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