Lego Speed champions investment (Part 1: 2015)

By Justjonny25 | The Money Earner | 17 Mar 2022


Lego speed champions is a theme, that has been out since 2015, surrounding popular sports and racing cars, and has released 6-7 sets each year. But ultimately is it a good investment?.



In this series, we will explore, just like we have already for the Harry Potter and Technic themes. Whether Speed Champions are a good investment.

In our Lego investment plan, we aim to get a 100% return on investment, and in order to do this, we have already seen that we need a number of attributes. A good strong, popular and collectable sets, that are available at a good discount, then we hold these sets past retirement, to get our 100% return on investment. Ideally within 12 -18 months from the retirement date.

Lego speed champions theme

By its nature, this theme should be one that is great for investment, a popular theme with both adults and children. Likely collectable with car enthusiasts and unique. So will be interesting to see how they perform.

Strangely for the Lego sets, we have seen before the 2015 speed champions sets of which there were 7. All had the exact same release and retirement date. Being released on 01/03/15 and retired on 31/12/16. Therefore being on the market for 671 days.

There was not a whole lot of variety in these sets, with 3 Ferrari sets, 3 Porsche sets and 2 Mclaren sets. (1 of the Ferrari and 1 of the Mclaren being F1 sets)

1) 75899 LaFerrari £12.99

Our first set the La Ferrari, Ferrari always likely to be popular I would have thought. Ferrari being a big collectible brand. Cheap set as most of the speed champions are.


Could have picked this up at just over 20% off at £10

A year after retirment (december 2017) it was already at £35, so comfortably 100% ROI post fees after a year, likely could have got close to £50 in Q4 as well

Currently now you can pick one up for £75 on amazon a huge increase and a fantastic investment.

2) 75908 Ferrari 458 £12.99

The second set yet another ferrari at the same price.

I struggled to find this set on amazon, but on ebay it is even higher than the LaFerrari at £65. Unfortunately cannot find it on Keppa

But it appears equally as popular as the first set.

3) 75909 Mclaren P1 £12.99


Fortunately I can find the Mclaren P1. a very slick looking car and very similar to the first two sets.

Equally could have expected to pick this set up £10 and after a year on the market it was sitting at £40. that is not bad at all for a 1 -2 year hold.

If you wanted one now you would be paying £100 as well.

4) 75910 Porsche 918 Spider £12.99


Can only find this set on eBay as well, but currently at a ratther lovely £60-70 currently, the same prices as the ferreari sets

5) 75911 Mclaren Mercedes Pit stop £29.99

Up to a slightly more expensive set this one, I will be honest I do not like the look of this set. I mean as an investment probably but the look of it looks rather cheap for a more pricey set.

But either way let's see how it performs. However another one I cannot find on amazon.

But again on eBay selling if new for £120. 4 times the RRP and buying this at discount then the investment would have been even better.

6) 75912 Porsche 911 GT £39.99

75912 is a little more than the mercedes pit stop set. By £40

There is one on amazon selling for the ambitious price of £290+, but that is the only one and eBay is only selling at some US imports, which will set back about £120. another equally solid investment as well.

It is a shame we cannot see the historic data however.

7) 75913 Ferrari F14 F1 truck £79.99

Lastly a much more pricier set at £80 RRP and another formula one based set as well as being Ferrari. Very likely well sought after set.

This set could have been picked up whilst on the market at £60 a good solid 25% discount as standard.

A year later after retirement, could easily see £150-180 pushing the 100% return on investment.

A few years later and now it sits just under a whopping £500. eBay a more modest but still impressive £200-300.

Lego speed champions a good investment?

Proving so far that Lego speed champions seems a very solid investment. With the ones we could see appearing that 12 months post retirement 100% return is viable.

However this was the first year of Lego speed champions so maybe the supply limitation made them more scarce. Next we will look at the 2016 sets and see how they returned.

Keep your eyes peeled for next Lego article.


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