It is back again get £2 free cashback with top cashback by midnight tonight

By Justjonny25 | The Money Earner | 3 May 2021

Anyone fancy an easy £2 cashback for free, yeh I thought you might.

So top cashback deal is back this bank holiday Monday.

You can get £2 cashback by following these simple steps

Obviously, if you haven't already signed up you should do so, and if you are new to top cashback you can get an additional £5 when you get £10 payable .... not bad I would say

Sign up here

1) Activate the offer - when you go on top cashback you will see on their banner page, the below offer, activate the offer by clicking on the banner and clicking activate.


Step 2: Buy something its that simple...

But if you want to be savvy about it let's buy something that we know we are going to buy anyway, doing the shopping this week, buy a supermarket voucher and then you can get the £2 bonus on something you are going to buy anyway.

You can then get an additional small percentage as well on your purchase already.

Asda 2.5%

Sainsbury's 1%

Morrisons 2%

The voucher normally comes pretty quickly like few minutes, but they do say it could take a few days so be mindful.

But I would take this offer as a small amount of work for some free money.

It's this savvy attitude that can help you save and earn a lot more over the year. It does genuinely all add up.

What you do not want to do here is to go and buy stuff you don't need for £2 either buy something you would do any way and get some back.

The money comes through really quickly and can transfer to your bank account.

Want some more free offers?

Well I have made a lovely list for you all to check out the other free offers that top cashback offers

Free offers

  • Sign up to 20 cogs through top cashback for £1.02

  • order and activate a new Giff gaff sim card £5.95

  • Sign up to tester keeps (I wouldn't give your real number) £0.63

  • Sign up to pick my postcode £0.42

  • Survey spotter sign up free £0.51

  • sing up to Experian boost £3.00

  • Proft accumulator £0.85

  • Sign up to search lotto and make 25 verified searches £0.42

  • totally money makes a free valid credit search £2.00

So those combined are £13.95

Then there is everything else that you can earn as well from general cashback, just remember any purchases search on top cashback first and see if there is money to be made.

How about some Quidco offers?



Quidco is one of the best cashback websites and for good reason, before I buy anything I just check this site and see if they are associated, and click through their website for some extra cash

They have got an excellent signup offer at the moment, sign up with this link and get £5 free once earned £5 cashback

Quidco has got some good offers on there at the moment to earn some money for absolutely free.

Sign up bonus

First of all, if you haven't already done so can get £5 by signing up with this link

Sign up spend earn £5 cashback (see below for how to get there with ease and get £5, then if you have some friends unlike me refer them on and if they sign up you can get £25 each friend that signs up.

Free offers

There is some excellent quid co offers that by signing up for free trials or sites can get free easy cashback.

Check out Profit Accumulator on Quidco which can earn another 80 p for a free trial

The Tsb current account is a really good one right now as well opening up an account that is free, can get £30 cashback doesnt have to be a bank switch just a new account could not be easier

Can also get £3 by signing up to plum through Quidco which is a good money-saving app that links to your bank account read a review here

But check Quidco out for any purchases that you are going to make, I would avoid going with any website just because of the cashback however as it's not always guaranteed and can take a while to come in, but definitely check before you change electricity or broadband supplier, take out a bank account, or gambling website or life insurance or buy anything online check out Quidco and you can make back a lot of money easily, and if you manage to get those 3 friends to sign up in next 30 days could be looking at £90 very nice indeed

Lastly but not least - oh my dosh offers

Oh my dosh is similar to cashback websites, or 20cogs, but after trying it over the last month. This has to be one of the easiest methods of earning some free money ever.


This month I have focused on all of the free offers on the site, so no need to pay to sign up, and make a profit, no need to spend out any at all.

So here we go with all of the best deals, and how to maximise your free money.

First things first, sign up with my referral link and you get a bonus £1 for signing up.

Then work through all of these offers to maximise your profit.

Then to make it easier for anyone because I am awesome, I've linked all of the offers to the ohmydosh page. None of these offers cost anything Just too easy

1) Welcome bonus - nice and easy 50p

2) Confirm your email and earn another 50p (Cumulative total = £1.00)

3) Subscribe to the oh my dosh youtube channel £0.10 (Cumulative total = £1.10)

4) Complete the 3 question survey = £0.50 (Cumulative total = £1.60)

5) Claim Your Free Spins at The Best Free Spins = £1.00 (Cumulative total = £2.60)

6) Fill out the registration form on ProductTestingUK, providing all the information required. Don't give them your real number and give them a spam email- = £0.75 (Cumulative total £3.35)

7) Download the browser extension pouch - £1.75 - (Cumulative total = £5.10)

8) Sign up to free club - £0.50 - (Cumulative total £5.60)

9) Sign up to prime video Can sign up a second time with a second email - remember to cancel!!!- £3.50 - (Cumulative total £9.10)

10) Receive your free budget planner with claro money - £0.50 - (Cumulative total £9.60)

11) 6 Different amazon offers, all of them sign up for 7 days for free, MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL BEFORE THE 7 DAYS - can keep track on your amazon account, but this is an easy £6.00 (Cumulative total £15.60)

12) Follow oh my dosh on Instagram £0.10 - (Cumulative total £15.70)

13) Sign up to experian for free - £2.00 (Cumulative total £17.70)

There are plenty of other awesome offers on there as well but these are the ones I have tried and tested myself

Every day as well one lucky person wins £10.00

You can also get paid £5.00 for each person who signs up and withdraws

Their lightning payouts get paid very quickly, some of the others can take some.

Read up on all of the offers before you sign up, and never take any payment for granted, things do go wrong sometimes.

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