Do the cake defi easter egg hunt and earn $100's in free DFI crypto.

By Justjonny25 | The Money Earner | 13 Apr 2022


For anyone who follows me they will know that I am a big fan of DFI and it’s potential.

I recently posted about how I turned nothing into over 1000 dollars of crypto. Read full article here

Well cake defi the platform that made it all possible has boosted their sign up and referral offerings. To earn $40 worth of DFI for signing up. And through their referrals potentially $750 of DFI


What is DFI?

Dfi token is the native token of the Defi blockchain which allows for decetralised finance on the bitcoin blockchain. So basically another crypto currency.

Decentralised finance is huge at the moment, and DFI gives the opportunites to lock in your crypto for anywhere between 1 month and 10 years and earn interest on the token, with lowest rate at 31% APY

With this being free crypto from this offer there really is nothing to lose.

What is the sign up offer and how to sign up?

1) First of all you just need to sign up to Cake DFI with an email address and password - You will get $20 for signing up without a referral link or an extra $10 of DFI for signing up with my referral link. - Sign up here

cake defi referral code: 919426


2) Confirm identity

Your full name, country of residence, mobile number, national ID or passport and proof of address

The following are the acceptable type of residence proof:

Phone or internet bill

Bank statement or bank letter

Electricity, gas, water, or other utility bills

For the UK you will need a passport as a driving license is not included, which is unfortunate as there have been a few people I have known that as a consequence haven't been able to sign up


3) Then the deposit:

Then you just need to deposit $50 worth of crypto in the cake address


Also, deposit a little bit more than $50 someone I know lost their chance of a referral as they deposited bang on $50 and then the transaction fee/price fluctuation saw them dip under.

I Used dash as it was recommended by someone as being fast and cheap at the time, and I am pretty sure that at the time they didn't accept BCH Bitcoin cash- I would use something with low network fees like dash or BCH.

But you can transfer any of the following into Cake defi -
Bitcoin: No Deposit Fee
DeFiChain: No Deposit Fee
Dash: No Deposit Fee
Litecoin: No Deposit Fee
Dogecoin: No Deposit Fee
Bitcoin Cash: No Deposit Fee

The best thing about this was that as opposed to other money offers in the crypto world you would have to buy some from the platform, with cake Defi you have some crypto transfer it over. Then if you don't want to keep it in there you can withdraw it straight away and just keep the free DFI.

4) And that is step 4: $30 of DFI
It should arrive quite quickly into your account. Remember your DFI is locked in for 6 months staking away and then you will either be able to extend or withdraw.

Job done easy peasy

Again if interested sign up here.

The referral offer?

So the referral offer has always been pretty good $10 of free DFI for every friend who signs up. That is currently doubled to $20.

But it gets even better as dependent on how many friends you refer you can boost this offer greatly.

If you refer 2 friends you will get an extra $50 of DFI bringing the total to $90.

If you refer 5 you get an additional $100 plus the $50 plus the referral for the 5 friends, so at $20 each you will get $250 total

10 friends your bonus is an extra $200 plus the 10 x $20 plus the other $150. So you can earn $550


If by some miracle you have 50 fine friends who want some free crypto your bonus is an extra $400 bonus plus all of the $20 bonuses as well.

There is no limit to these referrals. Every single one will get you $20 and then depending on how many eggs you can get, your bonus will top it up rather nicely.

All bonuses will be locked down for 6 months. But after plenty of time in the market DFI has proved its worth


When do you need to complete it by

Any referrals between the 11th to 25th April will count for the easter egg hunt


You may not get the golden egg. Me personally I will be happy if I can get one person into DFI egg or no egg. It is such a fantastic opportunity.

Any help with any of this make sure to contact me and I can talk you through it

Contact me

Always remember if this offer is looking bit too complex or no passport. There is always the opportunity of getting £10 worth of Bitcoin with Luno. Just sign up verify and enter code BPJEVANS for £10 free.  Read full Luno page here


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