Noisy hued dawn


By AlmightyMelon | AlmightyMelon | 27 May 2020

The word 'suddenly' doesn't begin to describe how quickly it happened. 
I jumped. I started. "It's no wonder," she said. 

But it was over before it began. A stir at the window. 
My heart through my chest. The wind stilled. 
Such a moment is beyond the boundaries. 

The mirror was the most formidable thing in the room. 
Carved edges. Old. But propped up behind my books in piles. 
I could barely recognise myself in it. 

It took all my strength to keep my eyes off of her, 
away from the soft event of her horizon. 
It would have been easier if I weren't stoned. 

I have within me the spirit of a slain man. 
My steps have been haunted from birth. 


For O'Sullivan, Frazer and Berne.

First published here.


Noobie crypto enthusiast from Auckland, New Zealand, who works as a teacher.


My background is creative writing. I have a passion for multimedia art and digital comedy. I have been an observer of cryptocurrencies for a long time, but only a recent participant in them.

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