By Robert Allsafe Community | Allsafe | 15 Feb 2020

Allsafe Master Node Program

Get your own ALLSAFE Masternode (MN) for 13,570 instead of 15,000 ALLSAFE coins in 12 months!
Done by letting the ALLSAFE MN’s work for you!

How to start:
Join ALLSAFE Discord , 

Go to #mn-program and tag Artinvestwho will help you to start the process.

How does it work:
We start with collecting 12 investors who all will pay 1/12 of a MN (1,250 coins) in the 1st month.
Together this makes the 1st MN that is being activated immediately and generates 260 coins per month.
The 2nd month we start the 2nd MN by collecting 15,000 – 260 = 14740 / 12 investors = 1228.33 coins per investor.
The 3rd month we start the 3rd MN by collecting 15,000 – 260 – 260 = 14,480 / 12 investors = 1206.66 coins per investor.
And so on until the 12th month after which there are 12 active MN’s and 12 investors who all payed 13,570 coins and are now the proud owner of a 15,000 coins ALLSAFE Masternode, how nice! @everyone

ALLSAFE Foundation will host the MN's for free during this period of 12 months.

Please feel free to join our discord: 



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