Another day, another hack!! A victim 'Yuga labs MailChimp' but a safe play!!!!

By Jreck | Allboutcrypto | 20 Jan 2023

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Yuga labs are behind making the famous bored ape yacht club, cryptopunks and others.
The email platform MailChimp was hacked leading to the compromised accounts of Yuga labs.

Still, Yuga labs are running the game like there is no tomorrow. Yuga labs' sewer pass NFTs a hit among us crypto community and their nft space is really broad from when they started. 

The company revealed that BAYC  and MAYC owners will geta free claim. How lucky?? 

Though the NFTs were safe, the company reassured the crypto community.
The incident happened on Jan 11 but the incident was tweeted on Jan 19 and it began taking action soon the other day after the incident was reported. Many customers were affected.

Though Yuga labs have used the service a few times but they felt it necessary to disclose such info out of caution.
The MailChimp service was used for a different purpose and involved only a few of individuals so it has nothing to do with NFT minting.

MailChimp told the community that it would contact only some individuals from Yuga labs if the data was impacted. The users should still excercise caution.
This is the second time MailChimp was hacked in six months time and the previous time it happened using social engineering and was largely related to cryptocurrency.


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Hey, just be cautious and enjoy your days.
The reck-io master, Jester 

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