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Making your own token with WaxDao

By KylinVDM | All things Timberlandia | 4 Jan 2023

If you aren't familiar WaxDao is a really cool website/service which has staking farms, blending, token creating and probably more things that I don't know about yet. There is an excellent video tutorial for making coins here -> 

However, I vastly prefer having text to refer to when doing things, so instead of just taking notes while working, I'm making this here blog post. 

I am going to assume you've already gone and gotten yourself whitelisted for making a coin. If you haven't you need to buy a wojack nft then unbox it, then from your waxdao inventory burn it. If you have trouble go to the Waxdao telegram where someone will help you. Or comment below and I'll try to. 

Before getting into the actual token making, check your resources. I just took care of this on Anchor.(Note WaxDao token creator cannot be done through a custodial wallet like Wax Cloud Wallet)


500 bytes of RAM, 2-3 ms of CPU, 40-50 wax worth of NET

When you have your resources sorted click deploy contract


IF everything goes as planned you'll see this. 

This is what shows up if it goes through.

If you don't have enough of a resources there will be an error message that tells you which you are short of. 

Now that we have a contract we scroll down to this

Menu and text boxes for making a token


From here we fill in the info. I'm following the recommendation to keep 8 as the precision amount. My symbol is MPLSAP and I'm making a max supply of 100 mill because that makes sense to me. 


After that's filled in I hit submit transaction and tell anchor to do it's thing. 

And now MPLSAP is a token on the wax blockchain. 

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All things Timberlandia
All things Timberlandia

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