By KylinVDM | All things Timberlandia | 22 Feb 2023

Previously the only way to get the jars which are vital for making some things in Timberlanida was by being active in the discord, this is no longer the case. You can now get them in drops on both nefty and Waxdao 


If you've been staking kitties or denizens in the sap farms you can now use that MPLSAP to make jars of maple syrup here. And if you have four you can trade them in for Mayor Erin here. 


And then put them to work getting you more MAPSAP here. 

You can also put in my subscriber passes from the past into that farm to earn some MPLSAP. 

And for those who like to anticipate new things here's some stuff

I'm going to be releasing some more dye ingredients once I have them drawn and then some blends to allow you to change the colour of kitties. (Which if you want a cat you can get one here.)

I'm also going to be doing a monthly pass next month and once I have decided on how it'll work and test some things there will also be a farm that allows you to stake either a kitty or a pet and have a chance to be rewarded with what your pet finds. (Which will be things like acorns, a bucket of sap(burning with gain you some MPLSAP), and items for dyes, and some other things I need to do the artwork for. This may not be done by the end of the month. 

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All things Timberlandia
All things Timberlandia

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