Week of June 19th check in

By KylinVDM | All things Kylincreates | 20 Jun 2023

Second week

Accomplishments of last week

- Finished a work of art for a non-crypto contest. 

-Got my Javascript writing stuff set up and started watching the first lecture

- Got some more work done art work wise.

-Held one auction for a mint 1. 

Plans for what's coming up 

Near future

-More redemption options on discord(hopefully in next month or so.

Mid future

Some bird focused artwork that will include blend and things so if you have a favorite bird comment below. 

Far future 

Butterfly and flower themed pfp. 

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I'm the creator of Kylin creates and Timberlandia. I also play crypto games and such.

All things Kylincreates
All things Kylincreates

The place for updates on my artist work that art part of the collection Kylin creates

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