So I've been quite, and what's coming up.

By KylinVDM | All things Kylincreates | 13 Jun 2023

I've said to a few folks I've had health issues lately. Some of the allergy and minor sleeping issues, but the other, far more energy sapping and frustrating is the bout of depression I've been fighting(and I think I've finally beat) now. I generally have a pretty good handle on my symptoms with a combination of exercise, having a somewhat rigid sleeping schedule and a few other things. 

One of the things I've slacked on is actully making and keeping goals, and noting progress. This is a useful tool for dealing with depression because depression is a liar that makes you think you didn't do anything when you did.  Soo I'm going to be keeping a weekly blog about my plans, progress on said plans, and all that. I'm hoping other people will share what they're working on and such to help me stay in touch with people. 


So plans for the near future

- New redemption for maple coins in the Timberlandia discord

-Finish the Timberlandia art work for the duck whose the lifeguard of the pool(it's a pond) where those in Timberlandia swim. 

the line work of a Duck with a whistle and medic cross neckerchief

Plans for this week

Do 2 more LGBTQ+ auctions.

Finish at least one lesson of my Javascript course(yup I'm learning code. There's gonna be a really cool bot for Timberlandia eventually) 

Edit a chapter of my novel.(Want to know about it, ask me.)

Plans for the next few weeks 

Do some something on Telos(cause it's neat and new)

Finish a bunch of flowers and nft them. 

Longer term plan

Another pfp project with a combination of butterflies and flowers. 


Anyway, what are you up to? 




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I'm the creator of Kylin creates and Timberlandia. I also play crypto games and such.

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