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Artificial intelligence against celebrities

By Lazy Bear | All in world | 19 Jan 2023

Probably only the lazy one has not heard that Artificial Intelligence is capable of many things: draw, create stories, poems, music, develop interesting technical solutions.

There is more of videos on the internet, for example, artists test their work and AI capabilities. Impressed by the interesting results, I also decided to test what a soulless machine can generate.

Therefore, I will test an AI that, according to the description, generates paintings and photographs.

I deliberately did not choose the “realistic” mode, so that the site would not generate just photos from the Internet, because in any case they exist on the network.

Test 1: Gina Lollobrigina


It looks a little blurry, but recognizable. And it doesn't compare to the original. You can’t take it for a real photo, and the feeling that “blur” was used in Photoshop.

Test 2: Michael Jackson

I chose the "flora" mode and probably it was not the best decision. However, the image is recognizable, looks like a cartoon.


I was dissatisfied with the result and therefore decided to play a trick. So I decided to choose something cartoonish.


This picture is worthy of Tim Burton! Directly an alternative reality, but what is surprising, in essence, you can recognize Jackson.

And what will happen if you also cross Michael Jackson with Lego?


Do you also have the feeling that a Chucky doll was also clearly added here?) The smile is so-so) would you recognize the character?

Test 3: Frida Kallo



Well, it looks like cosplay to me. But pay attention to the collar, there is clearly something watermelon.


Of course, I became interested in how the “isometry” filter would react to a portrait of a person, and this came out:

Of course, you can laugh for a long time, but again, it's recognizable and it's really cool!
Probably not what I expected, but the fact that the result impressed me - that's for sure.

                                To be continue….

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