Thoreum getting ready for a push to new ATH

Thoreum getting ready for a push to new ATH

Dear fellow crypto pirates,

the project Thoreum which I occasionally write about is once again preparing itself for a bullish movement, with high probability of surpassing it's all time high this time.




The token being only a bit more than a month old, experienced a loss in trust from it's community since right before the launch, two beforehand and simultaneously launched projects (Garuda Swap and Go Cerebus) got exploited and pushing the price way below presale price (everyone exiting after launch, even below presale price).

This had two positive effects though. 

First, the dev team knew exactly where to improve and how to make their contract safe from such exploits.
Secondly the Thoreum team heavily worked on regaining the trust of the holders of this project, getting 3(!) audits for their project (Techrate, Paladin and Certik)!

Those who had faith, bought and hodled the token, got a huge gain from the tokens growth itself and from the constant reflections coming in that make your portfolio grow without the needs of staking.

Thoreum is aiming for it's starting point with the next push at $0,013, potentially surpassing it in this push or with the next.

With Thoreums carzy tokenomics and soon to come halt of additional token mining which is currently reducing it's price developement by giving out tokens to early stakers, it is not far fetched to see Thoreums price at $1,00 or beyond in the near future.

I believe in this opportunity and the dev team, which gives regular updates, has a very healthy community on Telegram and spring fresh innovative Ideas, concepts and technologies, not available anywhere else at the moment.

Do your research and consider for yourself if this high deflationary token, taxed at every transaction (except special exceptions at their Website) is something for you to hold and profit.





I am no financial advisor. You are responsible for your own actions and should DYOR before taking them. I merely write for entertainment purposes.
Please consider following my REFERRAL link if you feel like jumping onto this project and hodl it for a while for some profits:

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