WeCreature Interview time

Hello and welcome, it is interview time and is an honor to bring to the NFTs community the words of our wonderful Digital Artist and creator……



Welcome friend……..


- Where are you from?


My family is from the US and I (Rob - collection manager) am from Romania originally. My wife and daughter are from FL.


Nice to meet you Rob. It is an honor..


- Tell us about yourself! Do you use your real name or go by a nickname?


We are collection focused rather than artist focused so we go by WeCreatures but the artist is Toni, I’m Rob and our daughter helps with the project ideas 💡 We work together to create every WeCreature.


Wow very cool to know it is nice hope i can have a Toni interview too friend!


- Have you had a difficult or an easy road in life and in the NFT world?


This NFT art world has been wonderful. Not too fast or big for us. We are just so grateful to have eyes from all over the world to see our lil creatures and hope it brings a smile to many faces.


Yes I know what you are saying Nfts is just great and moree….


- What inspires your work? Why do you create NFTs?


We’re inspired by bringing joy and giggles to everyone. We’re inspired by learning how to reach happiness. We want a chance to help people focus on the positive. Spreading joy one creature at a time ☺️


Awesome to hear about it. Keep doing like that the good vibes are getting inside the people



- How many artists do you want to collaborate with?


At the moment we have 2-3 but we’re not ready to do so yet.


- Who will be your first choice?


Don’t want to make promises we can’t keep.


- What is your favorite piece?


Can you tell us why you created it? My personal is our Genesis WeCreatures #02 because it’s just so simple and makes me smile each time.


I know what you are talking about. I am a creator too and my first painting keeps me smiling every time i see in my gallery


- Have you heard about Wax? Yes. Seems cool.


Eosio Atomic NFTs system?




-Why did you choose ETH in the first place?


It’s was the first and most robust form of creating and minting different file types and was the main crypto on Opensea.


I have two questions… I hope you like them.   


- How do you feel about your presence in the NFT community?


I’d like to think that the community sees us as a combo of a

cute/cool collection that is family friendly and accessible. We have so much fun being involved in Twitter Spaces from hosts like @NFTUpdate


And my last question…


- Would you like to say something to the newbies in the NFT world? Any good advice?


Be yourself, be genuine - this community can read fake hype from a mile away. Ask questions, reach out to like-minded collections and don’t expect anything! It will be that much more rewarding in the end.


Wow, this interview just rocks. It was a very great talk with this wonderful team


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You will find funny cool and very nice persons around

And also you will be updated about the WeCreature work don't lose time


Thanks so much and hope you can find the WeCreature in your life……..


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All about NFTs interviews!
All about NFTs interviews!

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