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New Covid Strain:B117

New Covid Strain:B117

By leejhen | All about Health | 28 Dec 2020

Who will ever forget the Virus that turned the whole world upside down? That brought fear in each other hearts. Especially "panic". The Pandemic Covid-19 Virus

When humor first spread, about the said virus, people begun to panic buying and empty the Grocery even the Pharmacy was almost empty especially Alcohol and Vitamin C, there is no available mask always out of stock.

Even a toilet tissue was empty too!

Some City and Baranggay are under locked down and only one family member can went out to buy some necessary needs.

The means of communication became difficult too because of the social distancing. There is no other vehicles only a bus. And you need to line up in order to ride.

The question is, not all Family can buy their basic needs as many people lost their jobs and are staying in there house waiting for the government's help.

Well me, I only panic but no buying.

Children don't went to school anymore and studied online or modular learning.

Some Establishment are closed but some operate but needs to follow strict protocols.

Groceries are open and Pharmacy but needs to implement the social distancing and wear protective gears all the time.

The saddest part is that many people died because of the Virus. Some people managed to survive and thanks God for that.

Covid-19 was not yet totally gone! then all of a sudden, news are quickly spreading that there is a new Covid Strain Virus! they name it Covid 2 Or B117.

It was discovered first in the United Kingdom and in some other part of the countries too.


Some people didn't believe the news and just continue with their daily life.

B117 Virus has a very bad news but at the same time there's a slight good news too


Bad news:

It's is more contagious and 70% transmissible.

Come to think of it, It sounds very terrifying that I pray and wish that this is not true.


Good news:

The experts said that although it is contagious but it does not cause a severe infection.

So we better be very extra careful and vigilant in wearing our protective gears.

So what should we gonna do? Let's focus on preventive measures because still, prevention is better than cure.


And let us all follow the health protocols:

  • Follow social distancing.

  • wear face mask and face shield.

  • have a proper hygiene and sanitation.

  • Avoid crowded places.

  • Stay at home as much as possible if there is no important business outside.


Boost your Immunity:

  • eat healthy

  • drink plenty of water

  • get enough sleep

  • have a regular exercise

  • no smoking

  • limit your alcohol intake

  • stay stress free

  • Drink your vitamins daily

Let us not panic. Let's follow the advise written above and be very vigilant to our surroundings as this kind of virus is not a joke because it is easily to transfer.

The best weapon is our prayer. Let's pray sincerely that this coming 2021 the upcoming virus will banished into thin air.


leejhen ❤️

Source: Doctor Sy page on FB👇👇👇

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All about Health
All about Health

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