Highblood Pressure and Coffee

Highblood Pressure and Coffee

By leejhen | All about Health | 13 Dec 2020

This Article are for those who already have or suffering from a High blood Pressure and a coffee lover at the same time.

Especially those people who are drinking their maintenance medicine for High blood pressure.

It was discovered in the Research Study of American Journal of Hypertension, that those patients who are drinking Coffee may lower the effectiveness of the medicines.

The said Research Study was known and discovered that caffeinated coffee can increase high blood pressure.

Caffeine affect the blood by increasing the blood pressure and it is not good in your health. The experts added that this will bring bad effect in your heart.28115f6fbf89e002b98bdb34f0af6652521141fb1289c4a21b74ffa748b2f9d8.jpeg

How coffee affect the calcium channel blockers?

  • Calcium Channel Blockers is a kind of medicine that can lower the blood pressure.

  • It is normally given to the patients with Hypertension.

  • It loosen the blood vessels and can help the blood flow which is very helpful in decreasing the blood pressure.

  • felodipine/amlodipine is an example of calcium channel blockers medicine.

Mixing of coffee and felodipine/amlodipine can result to a higher blood pressure.

Based on what the researcher had said that caffeine can block the effectiveness of the medicines that can affect the blood vessels.

Even just a one cup of coffee can compromise the anti-hypertensive effect of the medicine at the maximum recommended dose.

So it's very much better to avoid coffee for those who are suffering from hypertension.

Soy Protein Powder is the Best recommendations in replacing your Coffee.

Soy Protein have many Benifits in our Body.


Soy Protein Benifits:

  • A very good substitute for animal products. It can be used as a Meat Protein.

  • It can help balance the bad cholesterol level without affecting the good or HDL Cholesterol.

  • Improved blood flow especially in the heart and prevent Heart Disease.

  • Contains amino acids and converted into energy. Giving you a daily dose of Energy Booster.

  • Soy Protein can Prevent the threat of Cancer.

  • Helps Balance the sugar level of the body.

  • Useful in losing weight.

  • Protects women from severe bone loss and maintains a healthy heart.

  • Stronger bones and calcium.

  • Very helpful for Menopausal Women.

  • Prevent Osteoporosis

  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin with other proteins.

  • Maintains stronger bones and help in mineral loss.

  • relieved symptoms of Arthritis.

So let's live healthy and eat healthy. For those coffee lover out there and don't have a hypertension, I guess they can still enjoy drinking their favorite coffee. Just a simple reminder just drink moderately hehe.

But for those suffering from Hypertension due to high blood pressure. Let's watch our health. And replace coffee with soy protein. Let's take care of our health.



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