Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto a platform of content freedom that rewards its user

By Dakaid | All about free crypto | 23 Apr 2020 is a platform that is very similar to the platform that we have here in Publish0x. Its main objective is content freedom and allows a user to upload videos content, tip your favorite creator, and earn credits through LBRY rewards. What is more important is that it run on the LBRY Protocol, which is decentralized on the blockchain network.

Now coming to, it is a video sharing platform that allows a user to create content similar to other streaming platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, MetaCafe.However, what makes it different is that it is decentralized and it's giving back to the user for their time and effort.

Now as a user you have many ways to earn LBRY credits on the platform. In the reward section, there is the task that rewards you for being in the platform such as daily visits that will earn you from 1–100 credit, and many one time rewards such as following a channel, verifying your email, and many more. Right now the platform is running a March a Million Promos in which it is giving away 50 credits for free, which is roughly $2.5.

However, if you want to earn more then you can always create your own channel and get a tip from the users.


Now the price of LBRY credit stands at $0.05 which is quite satisfying. Also, keep in mind that LBRY credit can be exchanged to other Crypto in exchanges such as Bittrex, Coindeal, or instant exchanges such as SimpleSwap.


So if you want to signup and enjoy bonus credit of 20 LBRY credit then kindly used the link below:$/invite/@narympei2018:a

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All about free crypto
All about free crypto

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