Earn interest weekly on your Crypto with Celsius Network or borrow it

Earn interest weekly on your Crypto with Celsius Network or borrow it

By Dakaid | All about free crypto | 28 Apr 2020

Every one of us loves to see our Crypto earn interest easily without much work. So today I want to talk about a platform known as Celsius Network that pays you interest weekly just by holding your crypto. What more interesting is that there is no minimum amount to start earning interest.

Now another feature of Celsius Network is that you can borrow a loan from it by putting your crypto as collateral. Also what differs it most form the other loan lending platforms is that the profit is shared among the depositor and not the platform as in the case of many platforms. As of now, the minimum loan amount is $1000 for a period ranging from 6 months to 3years.


The platform also believes in fee-free which means that there is no fee whether in withdrawal, termination, or any default fee. Now Celsius Network has a token known as CEL token, and you have the power to choose whether to earn interest in your Crypto or CEL token. However, if you choose to earn interest in CEL token, the interest rates will be much higher.

So that all about the Celsius Network and if you want to signup and earn $10 in BTC with your first deposit of $200 or more then used the link below:


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All about free crypto
All about free crypto

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