For those who don't know what Nexo is

By bboyady | All about crypto | 1 Dec 2020

I know I am very outdated, but yes. I just know what is Nexo yesterday and just made a deposit today. Lol.

For those who are the same as me do not know what is. Now you know.


Nexo initially is crypto credit apps for those who wanna borrow crypto to invest and repay with certain amount money with certain period after that. But this is still not very interesting part because I am the kind people that don't like to have loan because it is very stressful for me.. lol.

The most great things is, when you are deposit your token inside, you earn interest. Yes yes yes, by just depositing your money, you earn passive income. Other wallet is never can did this.

Now, the most exciting is below:



The return is 8% APY. This is better than a centralised bank. Also the interest is paid daily and you no Need to wait whole year to get full interest. It is just like delegating your hive power to other account and get return but in a very high return.

Also if you decided to get return as Nexo coin, you will get extra 2% interest return



Remember, another extra 2% if you decided to get the dividend in Nexo.

Just imagine when Nexo pumping in future, then you will know how big the smile will be created.

So if you wanted to get interest by just depositing your token, just head to to get more info.

Of course all is not financial advise, it is just another way to earn. All risk is on your decision. Happy investing.

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