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This is Part1 of my NFT Calculations. 

Today I am focussing on Common tools and made calculations, when they will get out of mint.

Right now there are 30 Commons inside the game. Each has a mint of 16348, which totals 491520 NFT's.

So, today 25th of may, from 16-17utc, I went to atomic hub and searched for each mint number.

These are my results. From 491520 NFT's 422380 NFT's have been mined already.

69282 NFT's in common are left.

Here is my excel for you: My Common NFT Excel


So, I went to All Lands NFT Link

Right now we average around 6000 common NFT's a day.

So, in 11,5 days, there are no more common NFT's left to mine.


2. NFT'S Rare 115k Mint. 73k minted. 42k left. Around 510 a day.

82 days left til all rares are minted.


3.NFT's Epic 41k Mint. 16.5k minted. 24.5k left. Around 135 a day.

It would take around 180 days to be mined.


4. Legendary NFT's 11.3k Mint, 2150 minted, 9200 to be mined. 18 a day.

It would take around 510 days to be mined.


This is my first post here. I'm gonna post more, before offering solutions to this problem

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