How to win using a dice

By aliengris | aliengris | 20 Aug 2020

Hello and good morning, continuing with my
articles today I teach you how to win at dice.
allof you surely have seen it many times in the movies how you play with the dice
looking for those winning numbers. In many cowboy and mob movies lol

In reality, dice is a program and like every program has an
algorithm, of course it is designed for the casino to win, but if you
analyze it well, there is its weakness

You can say all you want about the fact that artificial intelligence
is better than the human brain, but that will be maybe in the future
but it is not like that at the moment
What happens is that our brain is a great quantum computer and also
has unlimited powers to create ideas, and one idea can change the
entire planet
As a good programmer that I am, I started by programming
microprocessors like the intel 8085A, it is possible to reengineer to
a predetermined algorithm
In the case of dice, it is not so difficult to decipher its operating
pattern, of course, while deciphering it, you can lose or win, but
here experience plays a very important role.

Another very important thing is that there is no infallible technique
to win and why does that happen, it is because they are all unique
and different.


It is easy to understand this from the perspectives of the
currency they use, they have different values ​​and the sat
scale works perfectly for this purpose.


I do not want to say many secrets that I know as a microprocessor
designer but I tell you this there is no computer the same as
another, they are all different


Well back to the topic, the program that governs
the dice has many interesting features, one of them is that nobody
can predict your move, that's how it works and that's how that's your
strong point
In the given configuration there are 3 important
parameters, which are: Server Seed Hashed, Nonce and Client Seed.
Only the last parameter can be controlled by you if you do not
configure it, a random value is assigned to you  by your
browser and adjusted by you ...
it cannot be determined by the given in advance
the Nonce is a number that increases with each bet you make (start from 0)
and this ends the set up:
You will get an encrypted hash of the serverseed before you start doing it
and since you get it in advance, the site cannot change it later. In fact is encrypted,
so cannot be calculate the roll results in advance.

This is how it works, therefore we can only configure your
seed and like all seeds you need a good one


According to my experience, a good seed is one that allows you to
win several times simultaneously from scratch, that is, from your
first bet


then what is done is to make many plays and make a
record of the activity of the dice, that is where the work of
deciphering the way it was programmed is done


Not everything is so easy yet, because the die
has its own survival mechanism, it is like a rambo in the jugla
and rambo is very dangerous



how i wish to be honest i am not going to
charge you for saying it but i could easily do it lol



For the dice it is very easy to keep an accounting of your plays,
and they can be programmed to give a maximum amount of profit,
that reminds me playing with the slot machines in Atlantic city
and win 50 dollars of 25 cents, don't you fit in pockets, and it
can do the same as windows after an update lol



Another very important thing is your balance to play if you have a
low balance, the most likely thing is that you lose everything, I
recommend playing with a balance greater than 300k sat of btc


Sure they will be thought and how much I can earn,
the answer in my particular case is that I manage to earn an average
of 70k daily sat

And that is quite a lot of sats, my record is 120k in one day, but
like every good player you have to know how to withdraw on time, I
would not like to climb those stairs in the Monte Carlo casino and
see how everyone is paralyzed because it is known that the person
will do, this is already well known
I would like to continue giving more information about it, here you
have the link so you can see the given. by the way the amount that I
have played in the dice is the following:
0.85328883 BTC
And by the way in the last dice tournament I arrived in the eighth position,

good luck to all

here is the link to the dice >>< here is your link to your dice

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