Here is how i made them in a very short time

By aliengris | aliengris | 18 Aug 2020

Hi  there,


good morning, really winning btc, ltc, dash or doges is not easy.
It requires a lot of dedication in addition to technical knowledge to be able to achieve success in this new industry


actually I started like many, not from the beginning when a btc was worth a dollar,
I remember that email that I ignored where someone sold them at that price, Well nobody knows the future truth.

At that time I was working with some applications from my cell phone and when I earned 3 sat
I thought I had succeeded in the world of modern finance,

Nowadays everything is very different, the speed of the changes is impressive,
if you do not adapt quickly to the changes around you, the most likely thing is that you do not count it.

Well it turns out that I have used all types of sites to earn for example btc,
many of them legitimate but I must say that I have also fallen into the trap of scams sites,
which by the way there are more and more

But the world is like that, the reality is that we have more good people than bad, 
the difference in this is in the experience and in a good research process,
everything is on the internet


I currently work online, in addition to having my formal job and being a Cisco system instructor,
It can be said that I am an expert in network devices of all kinds, including servers of all kinds using Linux,
which is my main weapon of knowledge,


do not take me for an arrogant person if something I have learned is to be humble,
in reality nobody knows more than the collective world of today




As I said I work online, but working on the internet is very different from working in a large corporation,
if you are lucky you would have a job but connectivity is expected 24x7x365 days a year,
the question is when are you going to sleep


actually I am going to mention the place where I work, of course and I do it for the following reason,
because I am very convinced of its legitimacy,
it is a microwallet

here you have the link so you can see the place >> <

The platform has all the possible means to win, including an exchange that is very easy to use,
the good thing is that you can deposit from 1 sat in any currency and it does not have deposit charges,
it is very easy really


It also has something that when you learn to use it you can win at an impressive speed,
but be careful you must learn to use it is the dice.







 I have already withdrawn more than 200 dollars, 
and I think that you can also earn them like me



In other articles that I am going to write I will explain how everything works in EC,
this is my first article and I don't know how it will be but everything has a beginning,
I have a saying of mine, it is original, the satoshi follows the satoshi,
see you in future articles






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i am into the world of cryptos


How i made my first 200 dollars in cryptos

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