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By labrinth | Alien Worlds Blog | 11 May 2021

After playing Alien Worlds for a while now, I managed to find somethings that has helped me plan out my next move and what to invest to in the future. In this article, my aim is to help beginners and share the things that has help me and found useful. provides you all the statistics you need, here are some of the most useful tools in my opinion:

1. Being able to check mining pool. You are able to have a live feed of the current mining pool of each planet, to further calculate which planet is the most beneficial at the time. Although jumping from one planet to another can be very tedious, but being able to know how much exactly you can earn doesn't hurt. From this statistics you really can see how staking into the planet you're in really plays a huge role, staking on your planet helps increase  the mining pool reward in the planet you stake, but do keep in mind un-staking takes about 2 days.



2. Being able to check how much you mined. Awstat also provides you with all players stat: how much they mine in the past 24 hours or more, where the person has been mining, how much commission has the person paid, if you want to know where and when you get an nft drop, you will find all you need here. 

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3. Being able to check other players build. If you are confused on what build you want, checking others on can help you with your next tool purchase. Find the top 100 miners on the a certain land and look which build suits you most. Here is an example:


On the picture above you can see the top 100 miners on's land. The first one makes about 5 TLM with 12 mines, which means they probably have a longer cooldown tool, which is probably more expensive. While the account .vkca.wam makes 2.93 TLM with 30 mines, which means they probably have a faster cooldown tool, which cost cheaper. From there click the account you want to copy.


There you can see what tools they use, and how much TLM they gain per mine. Click on each one of those tools, and you'll see what build they have. Depending on your budget and which playstyle you want, you can try and copy these people's build - but do further research on the tool first of course.


NFT Comparison Sheet

If you want to know the exact specs of each tool, land, weapon, minion, shined tools, and more, you can find it all on this spreadsheet made by Vulpes. This spreadsheet provides stats on future updates that will nerf tools, which means you are able to plan ahead on what tool will be good in the future. Currently the next update on the tools nerf is still to be announced.


Click here to access the spreadsheet.


Mining Calculator

Now that you know which tools you think is good, you can finally calculate each tool and build mining power. In this site you can also compare with different build and decide for yourself which tools can generate more TLM. All you have to do is fill in which land you are currently in, which tools you want to use, and make sure to click set. From there you can add the data to the comparison bar so you can keep track of that build's data and compare it with other builds.


Click here to access the calculator.


Joining A Community

Joining a community can be very beneficial for various of reasons: being able to learn about the game more from more experience people, joining giveaways, daily, weekly, and monthly rewards, making friends, and many more. If you saw my previous article "Alien Worlds | FREE CPU Staking - Fastest Way To Get Started For Beginners", then you would know that I was lucky enough to find a community that would stake new players for free. Some other communities also try to help new players by doing starting tools giveaway. You can find all the list of community through this link, or join the Alien Worlds discord channel and head over to #land-promotion to find out what each land/community has to offer.


Click here to access the communities list.


Alien Worlds Social Media

Being able to know what update comes next, you are able to purchase things before the price rises. Such as the upcoming thunderdome update, I would assume that the price for rare or higher avatar, weapon, minion NFT cards would go up in price - so I try to invest on those item before that happens. There are also other upcoming updates such as the Planet Binance where you can do daily missions that will give you rewards for players who has a Binance account, knowing that this gives players a chance to get ahead by setting up a Binance account before the event drops. They also provide special giveaways on their social media account so be ready and you might win something valuable.



Click here to join Alien Worlds discord.


Staking on R-PLANET

I am still new to R-Planet and still learning about the game. However, you can stake your extra Alien Worlds NFT cards that you get or you don't use anymore and stake them on R-Planet for some passive income. Granted Alien Worlds NFT don't give you that much AETHER, it is still something, rather than leaving your NFT's to dust in your inventory - why not make them work for you. Afterwards, you can convert your AETHER to WAX or TLM on alcor.

Although it is worth mentioning that, staking Alien Worlds Abundant NFT's gets you blacklisted from the next rigs sale. If you don't care about R-Planet Rigs sale you can stake as much abundant NFT's as you want.



Click here to play R-PLANET.



I hope you find at least one of these tips useful. Good luck on your mining journey!



Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, if you have any feedback and criticism on how I can improve my writing you can leave them down on the comments below. Your like & share would also be greatly appreciated!

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