Waking up inside the UFO (Part 2)

By cryptovato1 | Alien tales | 2 May 2019

Finally he felt asleep and after vigorous dream he woke up again. He woke up in a beautiful room, there were 3 tall men sitting in a strange style of chair. Well it looked like a chair but it wasn´t.  It had a really different design, something that he had never seen before.  When they saw him woken up, the elder man – around fifty stood up and approached to him.  Pierre was getting into defense, he remembered his military service in the Canadian army, which was really tough experience.


The man told him. “Relax! Take it easy. Everything is perfect. We are not here to harm you.” He was speaking perfect English but with a strange accent that  Pierre hadn’t ever heard before.


“You are our visitor. Please, feel like in your house.”


Pierre asked: “ Who are you? What do you want from me? Where am I?


The man introduced to Pierre: “ My name is Ozgardomm.


Another two men said hello to Pierre: “ I am Ashtar and the third one introduced himself as Vintouzeh”.


Pierre was thinking, what kind of strange people these dudes are. But they don´t look hostile, they are just different. Are they from Northern Europe?


Ashtar told him. “Yeah, we are different but at the same time we are like you”.


Pierre got astonished like a rock. “How come they understand me and see what I think”.

Ozgardomm told him: “Don’t worry about it. You have very similar capabilities, but the majority of you due to the social environment loose that natural gift.”


Pierre started to stare at all of them. Ozgardomm, Ashtar and Vintouzeh were all of them white men, pretty tall – like 6’ 7”, blond and brown hair, with blue-green and at same time purple eyes. He was thinking they are really weird these guys. Who the hell are they?


Ashtar stood up with Vintouzeh and came closer to Pierre. Vintouzeh told him firmly. “We are human beings just like you, but we are on a mission in your planet. We are just from the very outer space. There are some differences between your race and us, nevertheless the origin of our species is the same”.


Where are you from? – Pierre replied.


We come from Pleyadese. Our system has a big shining star and we live on several small planets.


Pierre was thinking – Am I dreaming? Is it really happening to me. That can´t be possible. Aliens would be the last thing that I would run into, I can’t believe my eyes.


Ozgardomm replied. Yes it is. Remember that everything is possible, nothing is impossible.


Pierre asked Ashtar. “ What do you want from me?”


Ashtar replied. “ You have been chosen to establish contact with us. Formally we aren’t allowed to make a formal contact with the humans living on the Earth cause it isn’t allowed for us.”


Pierre asked. “Why is it forbidden”?


Ozgardomm said. “ It´s a very long story, that we are going to tell you. You have to pay a lot of attention to it. We come from Pleyadese and we are gonna relate  you  the galactic history in a nutshell.”


Pierre was amazed and like in a trance, he just couldn´t believe his eyes. (to be continued)


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Alien tales
Alien tales

Based on a true story

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