We Paid Out $11,000+ This Month!

In March We’ve Paid $11,300+!!

By Bitcoin Aliens | Alien Apps | 3 Apr 2020

March has been a hard month for everyone. The team at Bitcoin Aliens hopes everyone is staying safe at this time and taking all necessary precautions.

While you’re staying at home, you can still take the opportunity to play our games and earn some free cryptocurrency - thousands of people last month are already doing it and we’ve given away over $11,300 in the last month.

Free Litecoin

This March we’ve paid out only $4,000 in LTC - BUT in LTC terms this is 105LTC for the month. The price may have dropped but now we’re giving away MORE Litecoin!

Free Bitcoin Cash

We’ve given away an astounding $5,800 worth of BCH to our awesome users - and an EPIC 53.7BCH! This is one of our best ever months on Free Bitcoin Cash - I’m glad you all are loving it as much as we do too!

Free Bitcoin / Alien Run / Blockchain Game

Usually we pay out substantially less on our suite of games that pays in Bitcoin,  but this month has been a bumper month here! We still don’t pay out as much here, due to restrictions with CoinBase’s API, but we still managed a pretty mega 0.22BTC - or in USD, over $1,500 worth of Bitcoin!


As always you can download all of our apps right here and start earning in BTC, BCH and LTC!

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