In December we paid out over $12,000 to our users and RECORD BTC and LTC given away!

By Bitcoin Aliens | Alien Apps | 3 Jan 2020

Yes, over the Christmas period we paid out $12,400 to our app users - including a record amount of BTC!


Free Bitcoin / Alien Run / Blockchain Game

In BTC as always we pay out a little less than our other apps. This is due to using the CoinBase API for bitcoin payouts which require higher minimums than our on-chain BCH and LTC payouts. Still, this month we had a bumper month of BTC payments that took us up over 0.2BTC - or $1,478

Free Bitcoin Cash

We’ve given away 27.98 BCH this month - valued at a total of $5701! This is an average payout of over $1400 every week, or just under 7BCH!

Free Litecoin

This month we’ve paid out an incredible 123.3LTC to our users - or over $5,200! We’ve averaged over 30LTC per week in December, or $1300!

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You can download all of our apps right here and start earning in BTC, BCH and LTC!

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