$13.4k paid out in BCH, LTC and BTC in November!

By Bitcoin Aliens | Alien Apps | 2 Dec 2019

This November we have given away over $13,400 worth of bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin across our mobile apps.

Payout Stats

We're also testing out a couple of new features on one of the apps, including a new offer wall and "featured offers" to make it even easier to claim big rewards! More on this below

Free Bitcoin Cash

We’ve given away 24.8 BCH this month - valued at a total of $6360! This averages to almost $1600 per week, or more than 6.2BCH per payment run! As always you can download the app here if you haven’t already

Free Litecoin

This month we’ve paid out more than $5,400 to our Free Litecoin app users, or a stunning 97.42 litecoin! With two full months of litecoin stats now, we are averaging paying out more than 100 LTC to our users each month on this app alone!

We've added a couple of new ways to earn here too, with a new offer wall to claim from and a new "featured offers" section on our front page to make it even easier to claim! Download Free Litecoin here to use the new features and earn even more! We're also working on adding these new features to Free Bitcoin Cash as well.


Free Bitcoin / Alien Run / Blockchain Game

In BTC, as always, we pay out using the Coinbase API which requires much higher minimums than either of our on-chain apps that pay in BCH and LTC, so consequently these totals tend to be lower. Still, we’ve paid out 0.18BTC this time - what we paid out last month and valued at $1,600!

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