Spectrecoin – Moon Potential? Rando's Report on XSPEC - March 2019

Spectrecoin – Moon Potential? Rando's Report on XSPEC - March 2019

By RandoGraphic | Alias Fans | 22 Mar 2019

Spectrecoin is a privacy focused cryptocurrency that I think is ready for some serious action. The Version 3 update will implement some elegant upgrades to the network while lining up with technical reasons for upside momentum on the price charts. Whether you're just interested in trading short term or you want a coin you can hodl and stake for a big run, this coin has some juicy potential. Let me make my case:



Factors for Upward Momentum

  1. Upcoming Version 3 introduces gradually decreasing inflation by fixing the block reward size, as opposed to the current fixed 5% inflation per year.

  2. Version 3 will implement the long awaited stealth staking, allowing for privately staking your balance.

  3. Spectrecoin offers a dual coin system in which you can freely swap your coins between the publicly visible option or the untraceable private option. Version 3 block rewards will be higher for private stakes than for public stakes.

    This will incentivize exchanges that stake to switch from the public version of Spectrecoin to the private, thus increasing the privacy of the overall network.

  4. Amsterdex, an exchange without KYC requirements, already has implemented trading with private Spectrecoin. After the v3 stealth staking update, this will allow for total privacy control of your balance from staking to trading.

  5. Spectrecoin's development funding is directly correlated with coin price. After the updated block rewards in v3, the Spectrecoin Dev Fund will be between 9,000 – 13,700 XSPEC per month from Development Contribution Blocks. As price increases, the funding increases creating a snowball effect on development and marketing capabilities.

    For Example:
    $1/XSPEC --> ~$12,000 per month in funding

    $5/XSPEC --> ~$60,000 per month in funding

    $10/XSPEC --> ~$120,000 per mont in funding

  6. The development team has been steadily improving the wallet, blockchain code, and build pipeline during the entire bear market on barely any funds. They are used to running lean and mean. Any increase in funding will allow them to devote more attention to the project and increase efforts toward marketing or attracting more talent to the project.

  7. The Spectrecoin Foundation, a non-profit organization, is being setup to ensure the continued and transparent use of development funds to improve and grow the Spectrecoin network. The core team will be revealing their identities publicly in the interest of transparency.

  8. Being a microcap coin, a 10x – 25x increase in market cap can happen quickly. XSPEC/USD did a 26x in December 2017 with no funding and fewer exchange options. The price rapidly fell along with the rest of the crypto market, but mostly had trouble due to the previous developer not being up to the task. The new dev team is top notch, organized, and dedicated.



In the charts below I've highlighted the future events for the estimated V3 Public Beta in orange, the V3 Production Release in yellow, and the V3 MainNet Fork in green. These price ranges are merely possible price action zones based on a combinations of fundamental and technical analysis.

For your own charting purposes, I recommend checking out cointrader.pro charts. Note that these charts do not include data from Amsterdex Exchange yet, where price is generally higher due to private XSPEC trading.

XSPEC/BTC data from CoinMarketCap

XSPEC/USD data from CoinMarketCap


XSPEC/BTC (Log Chart)

3 Day

    • Cup and Handle possibly forming which would lead into Public Beta and v3 Production Release
    • Stochastic RSI is deeply oversold




    • RSI above 50 line after nearly 1 year under
    • RSI testing 50 line as previous resistance turned support
    • 20/50 Weekly Moving Averages approaching Golden Cross
    • Adam & Eve Double Bottom



XSPEC/USD (Log Chart)


    • Breakout and retest of descending bear channel
    • Support at 20 week Moving Average



Factors that Warrant Caution

  1. Cryptopia, the previous XSPEC trading volume leader, has been locked up for months due to their recent hack. Uncertainty about when they'll resume XSPEC trading has resulted in low volume and large spreads for trading XSPEC on other exchanges.

  2. The broader crypto market could always see further downside before improving, which would be difficult for a microcap to buck the trend.

  3. I am not a financial advisor, of course! Do your own research and manage your own risk responsibly.


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