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Why YOU Shouldn’t Sell Your Crypto

I was thinking recently.. for the first time in a while.

I am currently on a vacation and I don’t feel as if it was worth it.

The 150$ a night at this very bad hotel is putting me on edge. I’ve been to many 5 star hotels that had cost me nearly 600$ a night at one point in my life, but they were paid by me and a few other friends combined which had made it easier to live in.

The experience was always great, but now, I’m able to realize that these were the worst decisions of my life. I just sold 1,000$ of my bitcoin at a price of 30,000 for a weeks worth of “fun” at a hotel. The crypto in this story doesn’t really matter, it applies to every crypto, but of course, don’t be stupid and apply this rule to sh**coins…like Algorand or pepe.


This hotel doesn’t even have a buffet. I’m now able to see just why vacating is useless. Keep in mind.. I was forced to go on vacation. I would’ve chosen to stay home and work instead as I love working more than being at hotels. 


Unless it’s with a girl, hotels are overrated. That’s assuming it’s not your 5th time with that girl. It needs to be special, and a new place every time. And even then, you get to learn to expect certain things from hotels and it just ruins the experience if you’re not fully grateful for the opportunity. 

I am grateful for this vacation, I really am, since it had helped me realize I no longer need vacations. Ever again.

Regardless, your crypto has to stay in your wallet at all costs. Never liquidate until you actually need that money for another BUSINESS venture. Most of us here aren’t wealthy, so until we are, we can not spend a single dime on vacations unless they’re absolutely necessary. In my eyes, vacations are never necessary unless you’ve just sold your company. Even then I’d be starting a new business with that new funding. Maybe even a few businesses. It’s just how I work, and I suggest you adopt that same idea of life.


We’re put on earth to work, die, and pay our taxes. The richest people want to work. The poorest dread work. The middle class work on their passion or if they have to, and the upper middle class are simply not passive with the money they earn.

By not passive, I mean they’re actively investing into managed funds, as suggested by Dave Ramsey - he shows statistics that display most millionaires became millionaires investing into actively managed funds - and not the S&P500. Actively managed funds are more likely to survive recessions with a positive figure, while the S&P500 will lose money for you=negative figure.


Anyhow, your crypto is worth more than you think. You probably look at it as a store of money. It’s a store of wealth; potential wealth. It’s an investment, something you’re meant to forget about. Something you’re meant to completely accept could go to 0 - and could also 10x.

I’ve only ever made over 200% in one trade when I bought PEPE earlier this year. Ever since then, I’ve been making stable profits on the Tron ecosystem. But I personally hate trading crypto. I know nothing about trading crypto. I’m more of a business savvy type of person. I like focusing on the promotion and product side of things. I like leading teams and scaling projects. I had recently sold a project on the Algorand chain for 1K$. It was pretty cool. I no longer own the project and it’s now managed by a small community of 400 active members. Other than that, my qualifications, experiences, and accomplishments are quite varied. I’ve gotten over 50,000 views on a blog I used to really focus on when I was 14. I promoted this blog and made it go viral many times to reach that amount of views. I was super hyped making 10$ a day for 1-2 weeks straight. It opened my eyes up to the opportunities that lie ahead. 

That’s kinda insane to be honest. Most websites don’t even go near that kind of cheddar. I was monetized so badly, those 50k views only made me 90$, which was huge for me back then but could only buy 20 solid meals. If I were monetized correctly, my today self would’ve made ATLEAST 500$ off of those amount of views.
I ended up spending 70$ of the 90$ on growtopia. Things like this: c4652e3640b466b40cd59caad3397f1a6e80b88f5e8f900a7e75900b75c86bdf.jpg

 (My apologies for the huge image)

This is why you don’t give a 14 year old “a lot” of money. The rest, 20$, was spent on more growtopia ingame currency. To be fair though, I did view it as an investment as I planned on turning that 90$ into 300$, and I had actual calculations to show that it’d take 1-2 months to do so. I only lost it all due a ban I received for trading on the black market of the game haha. I bought 500$ worth of ingame items for 70$, hoping to reach ~1800$ of ingame value and resell it for 300$ and so on. To be fair, 70$ was above market price. Turns out I was supposed to be paying 30$ so I did also get finessed. I figured this out when I reviewed my crypto balance of it 0.00$…


Anyhow. That’s my story behind why you should keep your crypto and money, and not spend it unless it’s on good food. I’m at a point in my life where good tasting food is worth more to me than a 10 day fully paid for vacation; ESPECIALLY if there’s no buffet. I know I lust over food, that’s probably because I haven’t eaten in the past 24 hours as a result of immense traveling and work.


Anyhow, I hope this has allowed you to explore a different view on the world; one which might’ve been different or contrary to your previous views.


Cheers, and please, don’t forget to tip haha.

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