Crypto striving to Thrive amongst the challenges in Ukraine and Russia.


The Crypto world has gotten shaken after the initiation of the Russia and Ukraine issues. Many cryptocurrencies have taken a dive which significantly affects the market and all vested in. Although many platforms will continue to perform during challenging times and may not let it interfere with growth.  Blockchains like Algorand, have continued to persevere by making big moves that will be useful to all communities.


Projects like the Algofi Defi hit the ground running and show no signs of stopping, only with the motivation to keep expanding!  The finance farm has a great base to encourage users to participate and find their space in crypto. Being that you get rewarded for helping the system function and grow, what could be better than that!


Many platforms have come together in order to build a more efficient ecosystem for all users.  Despite the high volatility within the market for Algorand, partnerships such as the one with AWS, are on the move. Many speculate if the Russian and Ukraine “war” is going to have a major effect on the crypto market as a whole.  


The best thing you can do is figure out your place in this ever-evolving world of crypto! You can start by taking a look into the Defi networks such as Algofi  Defi and Yiedly Finance and check out all the perks! These systems were designed for the people and by the people, so do your part and participate!

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Algorand Ecosystem Updates!
Algorand Ecosystem Updates!

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