Twitter was hacked. Why are decentralized social networks better?

By Alex Kuper | alexkuper | 16 Jul 2020

Last night I once again realized that WEB 3.0 is much better and more reliable than regular sites, social networks, e-wallets, etc. Now I will tell you what happened and why I am grateful to "fate" for once introducing me to decentralized social networks and eventually leading me to for example. 

What happened?

Yesterday, a certain group of people became richer due to the trust of ordinary users. Do they say that it is difficult to make money on the Internet? Nonsense. Some hacked into the accounts of popular people and brands. Yes, the same accounts with ticks that show that this is not a fake page, but really belongs to one or another person.

Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Apple and Uber accounts were handed out. The fraudsters were not afraid to hack, even the account of former US President Barack Obama. In general, according to information from the Internet, there were several thousand such Twitter accounts.

A single message was posted on all of these pages, which can be seen in the screenshot below:




As we see the essence of one, a popular person allegedly because of the pandemic COVID ready to "double" any amount you sent as assistance. Is it worth explaining that all transactions were only incoming and there was no doubling?

How much did they collect?

We all know that any address in the blockchain can be checked for transactions and account balances so that no one has to rewrite the wallet number, I'll just leave a link here to Blockchain.

At the time of writing, the total balance of incoming transactions was more than 110 thousand dollars. Not bad, right, how about one night of work?



Who is to blame?

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the carelessness of the users themselves. For example, they could accidentally get on a phishing site, enter information from their account and say goodbye to it.

But not everything is so simple. There is already information that one of the employees of Twitter could have been an accomplice to these events. Yes, according to the screenshots of the control panel of the social network administrators, it is very easy to change the mail and disable 2FA.




And I believe this version of what happened more than phishing sites or other similar methods of hacking accounts. For one reason - the number of such accounts.

Why are decentralized social networks better?

I will explain for those who accidentally come across this post. On Hive/Steemit/Golos etc. your account is only your property. All. Your nickname, your profile name, your content belongs exclusively to you. No one can access your profile unless you mistakenly publish the access key. The difference between decentralized social networks and Twitter or Facebook is that there are no administrators who can access your account without your consent. All. 

I am already silent about the possibility of monetizing your posts, gaining freedom in your statements and not being afraid of mythical algorithms of social networks that can block you, as well as the fact that all published content remains on the Internet forever. First of all, decentralized social networks will keep your name and will not allow it to be used in fraudulent schemes.

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