What does not lead to success, the opinion of millionaires

By Gidroman | Alexander Chernov | 2 Oct 2020

As the famous saying goes, "Stupid learns from his mistakes, and the clever - on strangers." At the request of CNBC, 10 millionaires and advisers to The Oracles, who themselves earned a large fortune, named 10 mistakes that should not be made to succeed in life. The Oracles is a group of leading global entrepreneurs who share their success strategies to help others.

1. Don't take your first steps.
This is the most common mistake among most people. Success requires faith and perseverance that develop discipline. If you don't strive for something, you won't achieve it. Staying at a standstill and not making any steps, you can eventually slide down without having motivation. This advice was given by the founder of the entire empire of American real estate Cardone Capital Grant Cardon.

2. Too relaxed.
Laziness in small quantities is not bad, but to achieve good results, you need to constantly make efforts, according to Michael Ovitz, co-founder and former head of the CAA; as well as the former head of The Walt Disney Company.

3. Be negative.
At least one person with a negative attitude spoils the whole team of optimists. It is unlikely to change a person who is bad, and such people are often fired. Even in difficult times it is necessary to gather, to take yourself in hand and to keep a positive attitude, no matter what. Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, shared this advice.

4. It takes too long to wait before you make a decision.
There is one valuable rule that Colin Powell (ex-US Secretary of State) used to make a decision: you need to have 40% to 70% of the information to make a decision. If you need complete confidence, you can miss the chance. So you have to rely on intuition. According to Sean Rawls, founder and CEO of Rawls Consulting, effective leadership involves a combination of knowledge and experience, sometimes by making a decision on a foundy, even in the absence of comprehensive information.

5. Don't smile.
Successful broker and billionaire Holly Parker, founder and CEO of The Holly Parker Team, believes that today some people underestimate the possibility of a sincere smile, and in vain. Such a smile can immediately cause confidence, which is the cornerstone of any business transaction. Do not forget that people want to do business with those they like, communicate with them and feel comfortable with them.

6. Pay attention to several things at once.
Some people may have a lot of ingenious ideas, but without being able to take advantage of any of them, they show too much attention to other people's affairs. In practice, this can be said: if you are not a lawyer, do not pretend to them. It is better to delegate a number of responsibilities to experienced professionals in this business. This is the opinion of lawyer James Daley, a partner and founder of the Daily Law Group, which helps high-ranking clients in litigation.

7. Do not plan important things and do not take notes in the calendar.
Any entrepreneur should follow one important rule: to make a schedule and organize all the work. If you do not organize yourself correctly, so how can you organize the work of other people? To get into the rhythm of solving problems and meetings, you should write everything down and plan, otherwise then it will be difficult to remember the sequence of cases and something important can be missed. This advice was shared by Dennis Najjar, co-founder of Accounting, a virtual accounting service for small businesses.

8. It is blind to emulate successful people.
It is also important not to copy in all successful people, but to look at the individual components of their success and apply them to themselves. Figuratively speaking, wearing a black turtleneck like Steve Jobs every day won't turn you into Steve Jobs. This is the opinion of Luke Frailer, CEO and co-founder of Centercode, which offers business solutions to customers.

9. Trying to control everything.
No one has yet been able to achieve his goals, being sure that everything is under his control. It's just not possible. Sometimes it remains just to accept the reality of the situation, to show determination and to allocate time for where you can really make a difference. This opinion was expressed by Alon Rajic, CEO of Review Home Warranties, owner of the site Review Home Warranties.

10. Afraid to get out of your comfort zone.
There is also a saying: "Who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne." To start a business, create a brand or build a career, you need to get out of your comfort zone and enter without fear of competition. This is the opinion of James Siksmith, founder and CEO of Trade Context, as well as co-founder of Speed Up Trader and former professional hockey player.

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