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By Gidroman | Alexander Chernov | 16 Mar 2021

Making money writing articles is a very lucrative job. But, not everyone succeeds make good money. So what's the deal?

Start your copywriting job, how to best do it. You need to start doing everything right from the very beginning, and success
will come for sure. Every day, millions of users go online and see new articles. This content is not interesting to everyone, so you need to learn how to write it correctly. The text should be clear and interesting. Then the text is edited, structured, and processed. All this is done by an army of copywriters, rewriters, and many authors and editors of various sites. You can also do such a thing and start making money on an equal footing with everyone.

How to start working as a copywriter

For your earnings from writing articles to be very successful, you have to become a copywriter. This is my recommendation, further, as it goes.

First of all, it is better to take orders that are not expensive in terms of the cost of their services. But this will give you experience and a rating. Rating on sites where you can provide your copywriting services is quite an important thing. The higher it is, the more expensive tasks future customers will be able to entrust you.

The main thing here is not to be lazy. Some aspiring copywriters take their first assignments for next to nothing. They care about experience, just like you. If you are lucky, and you already have this experience in writing articles, then this is great. In this case, you will start very quickly.

A good copywriter is:

1) Literate

A competent copywriter always writes correctly and without mistakes. As a rule, typos are possible even in the largest media outlets, this is not a big deal. But later they edit the texts. However, this can happen to you. Especially if you are fast typing, you cannot avoid mistakes. To prevent this from happening, double-check what you wrote again !. Write correctly, it is appreciated. Plus, today there are quite a few programs (free) that can check your text for spelling errors.

2) Patient

A good copywriter is a patient copywriter. You won't be able to earn more from writing articles if you cannot improve your skill over and over again. But this requires endurance, and the understanding that everything will come, but not immediately. You do not think that in a couple of days you will learn everything? Then, you have every chance of success. Masters of their craft know that they will have everything and do not want to make people laugh with their haste. Do not fuss - the money will come as the skills and experience gained. Try it too, you will like it. Place your bet on time.

And let's take a look at several types of earnings by writing articles. They are different from each other, but one will suit someone, and another will not suit.

Types of texts:

1) Copywriting

Most likely there are more copywriters in the world, out of the 4 we listed below. Day after day these people write texts “out of their heads” and earn money on them. Someone writes the text for themselves, someone works for a customer. But, the principle is unchanged. A copywriter is a person who creates the “body” of the text, that is, the text itself. And only then other specialists can join.

2) Text translation

Text translation can be done by someone who speaks at least two languages. Yes, some smart online translators can translate any text from any language in the world! But, they are not perfect. If we are talking about the meaning, or about the turns of speech, then we need a person. Only he will be able to translate the text so that human wants to read it, and at the same time, the meaning has not been lost.

3) Rewriting

Rewriting articles - this activity is suitable for those who like to improve articles more, to make them better and of better quality. This is essentially added value. You take someone's text and paraphrase everything a little differently, but you leave the meaning the same. The uniqueness of the article from this action usually increases, and reading such articles is much more pleasant. If you do not intend to write articles yourself, then improve already created, written by someone.

4) Seo copyright

SEO has been buried for a long time, but it will not go anywhere, but only transform into something new. Do you know how certain algorithms of various search engines work, or maybe you are a super-specialist in social networks? Write texts tailored for "SEO", inserting certain key phrases, and then you can already be called an SEO-copywriter. These will no longer be just articles, but special ones aimed at achieving certain heights in the ranking (for example TOP-10 on Google).

What your articles should be:

1) Written for people

Even though every text and every article is published to advance in the search (one way or another), you should not forget that it will not be read by robots, not by an algorithm, but by people. It is all for them, and this is what you should not forget in the first place. After you write the next article, read it yourself and see if you would like to read it, not knowing that you wrote it. Try for the reader, SEO will catch up.

2) Optimal volume

How long do you think an article should be to make it “perfect”? That's right, the size is not in quantity, but quality. But the point is that the more text in one article, the more information it contains. And you can always open any topic in more detail. Brevity is the sister of talent, but not in our case. We write more and better. Quantity will not help if quality suffers, so one should not interfere with the other, but help. You can start with one, then try the next and figure out which one you like best. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Although there is no ideal parameter for the number of words in an article, it is usually still a minimum of 1800 characters, and a maximum of 7700. You can exceed this bar but without "water".

3) Unique

Uniqueness is important for the text, and without it, there is no point in writing at all. Of course, you cannot understand everything, and you will not write only about what your expertise will go through the roof. However, even though you will use different sources to write your article, this does not mean that you can just take and copy the text.

You will need to think with your head, as well as use various services that check the text for uniqueness. Ideally, it is believed that the article should have at least 85% uniqueness, otherwise there is a risk of getting banned by Google search engines.

4) Structured

The main thing here is not to overdo it. Everything should be in moderation. But solid text without a list, frames, paragraphs, and pictures will look very unreadable. Therefore, after you have written an article, structure it. You can add a table, place additional headings, make the text bold. All this will add additional value to your reflections in the text, and increase the percentage in the ranking. But, as already written, the main thing is not to overdo it.

5) Optimized for search engines

You will have to deal with optimization for search engines only if the customer specifies this in the assignment. As a rule, they give the necessary keys, which you will need to correctly place in your text. In any case, as it already was
written, we need to write for people and do not overdo it with the keys. For example, Yandex pays more attention to the quality of the article much more than the same Google.


Finally, I would like to note one very important factor. To become a good copywriter, and to make money writing articles profitable for you, you just need to start writing. This is the main factor, without which you cannot. No one will do the main thing for you - they will not write! Time will make you the best of the best, here and now - work.

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