A dream is more valuable than money

By Gidroman | Alexander Chernov | 12 Oct 2020

Karl Marx explains...


Money in our lives is a source of energy and self-confidence. This is true, but historically money have some other functionality. Let's turn to the first addition of Karl Marx's Capital, a man certainly ingenious, he clearly formulated three functions of money.

The first function is the universal equivalent, for example, what was the commodity exchange in ancient times... One man John wants knife to handle the meat , he finds a man Paul who makes knives. John really needs a knife, the option of stealing or weaning a knife is not considered, it's a crime. John wants to exchange what he owns, like his boots for a knife. But what will John go, soon because of winter, cold. And he needs a knife just to handle the skin and make these very boots. As we see it is difficult to get out of such a vicious circle of needs and proposals. It won't be soon before John sews his boots, or until he finds someone who just gives a knife. The exchange will take a huge amount of time. People found a way out, found an equivalent - a valuable thing that is long stored: salt, flint, pieces of metal or gold. Gold retains its shiny look for a long time, it is easy to mint, so gold coins have become the universal equivalent.

The second function of money - means of circulation, as money is the universal equivalent, through them you can exchange one for another, it can be both a product and a service.

The third function is a means of accumulation, meaning gold coins can be folded and stored with you. When all is well you store them, in case you feel bad, you quickly spend on various benefits, so as not to die of hunger.

As we see money it is not a deity to be worshipped. Not a path to freedom or not even a goal. Only a dream can be divine, it is the spiritual direction of your life. Creating what inspires you is both the purpose and the meaning of life. Money is only needed to convert capital into a movement (investment) and saved to secure old age or buy a decent coffin for yourself.

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Scheme of ordinary commodity production of goods-money-goods, in the era of capitalism, where hired labor is practiced, the scheme is a different money-goods-money. When buying a product, it needs to be sold so as to get the added value, which magically forms the myth of wealth and happiness. Capitalism does not spare anyone, it earns money, this money formed other money.

Something for the soul...

In order not to waste your energy both physical and spiritual in life, you must pursue something regardless of money. For example, to create a product that gives you the pleasure of self-realization, while people get pleasure from its purchase, then you get real money. It's bonuses, recognition that you have a product or service that people need, carries value for them. If you take this criterion into account and set a goal to earn 100,000, then you understand what they are for. Money is not a goal, but a means of implementing your life projects, assets that will bring no less benefit to people than themselves, family maintenance, life insurance, the realization of your hobby (with subsequent monetization, which works one hundred percent).

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In support of my words, I will give an example from my life. My childhood friend's brother, loves fishing, my father instilled in him such love, taking him fishing from the age of five. From early childhood to adolescence, passion was entertaining. But in adulthood, he worked a videomaker cameraman, increasingly filmed his hobby-fishing on camera. He was posted the video on YouTube. Let me remind you, he is just a wonderful fisherman, professionalism and convincing process of fishing on video, unexpectedly caused a stir and respect from subscribers. He is invited to the team of sports fishing, where he actively develops and achieves unsurpassed success. To improve in sport fishing, he himself developed and made bait, bait for fish. Numerous awards, success and recognition have convinced him to create his own silicones unique fishing lures that will really be useful for anglers and improve efficiency in fishing. Now he has his own business and company, a dream made him rich, famous and successful.

Frog with a coin does not work...


Money is not magic idol, which rules everything. You do not understand it, and begin to plow on their. If you earn a million, you have to manage it properly. You think it's easy? You invest in stocks, in exchange rates, in banks - all this can collapse in one moment. There are several stories about winning a million dollars by unemployed people in the lottery, and then after a while they were deprived of that money because they did not have a specific purpose for what they need. Money requires first of all professional approach, if you want to increase them, then engage in self-fulfillment, not play.

Just aim for a specific amount of money and realize why you need. Write in detail what you will spend ! Then the money is sure to appear in your life, the main thing that the goal for which you will spend money, was human and adequate.

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