Why is a good thing that WSB backed off of the the silver pump

By AlexVan | Alex Crypto World | 2 Feb 2021



this days have been marked by the WSB taking over the financial market. Where on GME they saved a dying company they may have screwed up a lot the world if they had pushed with the silver pump.

Every one would had been affected as silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals and is widely used in the industry, not only for coins and staking purposes.




Yes, it is one of the widest used metals, next to copper and with the industrial revolution that is taking place it is getting more importance every day.

I think we can all agree that we need more clean energy and one decisive factor is the use of it and the production.

Imagine that in every solar panel there are roughly 20 grams of silver used, which if it is pumped it will increase with a few good % the price as the price will suffer also a profit markup on it. This will lead to slower adoption of this type of energy resource.

There is an estimation that by 2050 there will three times the silver needed for solar power and wind turbines compared to today.




With the electrification of the car the demand increases also, as silver is needed for the battery system, battery management unit, engine without taking in account all the electronic goodies that newer cars have. You want that your car charges your phone or has a Bluetooth set incorporated for hands free calls, you guessed, you need more silver.

Here the estimation goes that from a value of 50 mil oz (1417 tones) till 2030, 70 mil oz will be needed (1984 tones). That is a tremendous increase for the 10 years.

Imagine putting a few more thousands in for the Tesla you want or for the maintainance of it.




If you can read this post you read it on a device that uses silver. Imagine paying more for it, would you be happy to pay? It is not only an increase by solely the price of silver but also a few % as a profit markup as manufacturers have a profit target and adding to the material cost they will add on top this margin to.




We need to focus more on the recycling of the products we use, as the life cycle of electronics is becoming shorter every year as new version appears and the old ones are replaced even if they are working.

We want a greener planet and silver is the key to it from every angle we see it. We shall not pump the price of it, as it will only slow down the green revolution we are experiencing.

How do you see it?

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