Why BTC is a very good buy now?

By AlexVan | Alex Crypto World | 12 Dec 2020




the past weeks have been very interesting on the BTC market, with a new ATH, passing the last peak from 2017 and even with the correction we have in the past days.
Exactly 3 weeks ago I wrote in this post about Grayscale and their GBTC fund that was sucking up a lot of BTC from the market.




Since then, some higher known authors have noticed the increase buy appeal of institutional buyerrs, like @khaleelkazi in this post@edicted in his post here @taskmaster4450le can be read here and @jrcornel latest one in here.

What I want to underline with this listing is that we, as crypto hodlers and lovers, we should be aware, when the big money is coming in, as we need to act prior to them, by buying more.

There would more and more money be poured in, either by the helicopter money that it is printed to aid the economy, save jobs and avoid deflation or by investors who need a safe heaven in this economical stormy times.




At the moment we can speak of two types of institutional investors, the big hodlers, who basically park the money and use it as an economical safe space and the ones who actively do use it. IMHO, BTC is something as safety net as gold, as it economical not feasible to use it in real life transactions. It is a stored value.

As hodlers I would say we can name:

  • Grayscale
  • MassMutual
  • Fidelity
  • Microstrategy

As active users:

  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • Square

As a mix:

  • Bitwise Management (which operates a trust and not a fund as funds in crypto are still forbidden)
  • maybe a little from the above




What does this mean?

For sure, this will not and can't be ignored by state institution. They will not be able to put again constrains and forbid it, as it will only hit them back. Big boys hate to lose money and everyone who attempts to put them to a loss, will usually lose in the end. No politician will take the risk to lose that comfy seat or more just by trying to stop the financial revolution or better said, evolution, as crypto is an evolution of our financial world.

So if you can get some BTC at a discount at the moment do it. Nobody goes out or buys stuff that does not matter. Now you get the chance to do something for you or your family, that Iphone, Xbox, drink can wait some more months, it will be much cheaper by then.

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