Some stocks I watch - Alphabet as a world shaper

By AlexVan | Alex Crypto World | 8 Dec 2020




some weeks ago, I've started a new challenge, where I present some of the companies that I follow for a buy&hold.

The companies need to fulfill over 70% of my criteria to even land in here.

This are:

  • are they going to be around in 25 years
  • are they market leaders
  • does the company expand or invest in research
  • does the company have a solid board
  • can the company recover if it is hit by a scandal or recession
  • was ROI over 3% in the past 10 years
  • shall not be in a communist state




On Monday, an article from technologyreview, drew my attention. In this article it was stated, that DeepMind, the AI from Google, has managed to solve a 50 year old biology problem. It can predict the folding, that means it can predict the shape of a protein to a very small size. This part of DeepMind is called AlphaFold, from the mothers company name, Alphabet and Fold from protein folding. There are some projects that are faster, but not that accurate and with not so good results.




You would ask me, why this matters in a financial community. It matters a lot, as the shape of the protein has a major influence on insulin behavior. Yes, insulin, the pain of so many diabetics. Imagine, the influence and the pain reduction on so many people if insulin behavior can be controlled.

This is the long term vision, that diabetes can be controlled easier with just a pill, without any insulin shoots, without a strict diet. Ok, diabetes is a disease cause by a bad diet, but it will be controlled.

On the short term, there might be a better and precise solution against Covid-19 which is basically made of a protein shell, which needs to be predicted.




This discovery is worth billions! All the pharma industry will be shaken if there will an easier treatment for diabetes. And not only for that, viruses can be fought with much more ease. Everywhere where proteins are used can be affected by this discovery.

The top guys from Alphabet/Google,to find means to improve and prolong life,of course, first fro themselves,after for money, but sincerely, I would pay to have a longer life in good shape.

Does Alphabet fit my criteria for investing. Yes it does, even if I don't agree the data farming concept. Do I think it has a very high price, not so anymore, seeing the results and what they can do and what they aim at (not knowing any hidden agenda, of course).

So it is definitely a pick!




This will probably the next Nobel prize candidate for biology. Is it worth mentioning? Yes, as it will be the first AI to go to that direction.

Imagine what such AI can do, if used right. It can improve the life quality of the whole planet, not only on this topic, but let's say on resource optimization, like water and food.

Even if we have now all over the world, some tough times, the future shall be bright for most of us.




I'm not a financial analyst or professional, so what I write here is not an advice and shall be seen as a personal view.

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