In the crypto winter, some are still buying

By AlexVan | Alex Crypto World | 29 Dec 2022


We all know, we have some kind of crypto winter, where the prices have dropped massively, far from the predictions of 6 figures BTC.

Well, there are still people who buy now. They think it is a discount. I think it also, but this is only my point of view, as I'm not a financial advisor.

I've seen the tweet from Michael Saylor with his new purchase of 2500 BTC via MicroStrategy. He keeps on buying.

Is this good? On the long run, he will have a lot of power and value, when BTC pumps, which might not be what we want. On the short, yes, it takes liquidity out of the market and keeps the price getting again up.

Sadly, not all see it like this. Would be there more like him, we would definitely reach the 6 figure BTC.


How do you see it? Is it good or bad? Do you still buy BTC?

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Alex Crypto World

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